Meta: There are various cloud storage providers today with its own reputation in the industry. Amazon Cloud Storage which is considered the best Cloud storage service nowadays as it is chosen by many users and offers oustanding features to store and process your data.

The importance of SD cards and the device's internal storage is dwindling as more and more cloud storage services are available offering a variety of user-friendly options. Amazon cloud storage is number-one cloud serviceout there.

Cloud storage is a method of storing data, files for individuals, organizations and enterprises in cloud, normally using the Internet replacing on-premises way.  It serves on demand of users, so you are only charged upon the capacity or consumption you want. Cloud storage facilitates business savings as t reduces buying and managing your own infrastructure; hence it helps increase agility. Also, Cloud storage is delivered on global scale which is very convenient for users to access their data anywhere, anytime around the globe.

Similar to and as popular as other cloud storage services like Google Drive, Sky Drive, Box or Dropbox, Amazon Drive is also considered one of the best and safest hosting services available today. The serviceis released by the famous Amazon, tightly integrated with the Amazon purchase and sale of user accounts.

Amazon Cloud Storage services

Amazon cloud storage is a cloud storage service that allows you to upload and back up data on your device to an online source, providing users with 5 GB of free storage space, which saves you money, storage space on your mobile devicesor PC. You can buy more storage if wishes.

The Amazon Cloudis one of Amazon Cloud applications which allows users to create and edit text files as well as create folders and transfer files from one directory to another. Also, you can search, rename and delete unnecessary files or folders or share files with a link or attachment via email, text message or many other applications.
Amazon Drive is another application that also allows upload, create files and edit their files. Data can be shared within users, through email or text message or with other applications.
Unlike a lot of other storage services, Amazon is geared towards business users who have long-term needs for storage. In particular, userscan get better deals with paid packages, typically paying only $ 59.99 a year ($ 5 a month) for 1 TB of storage.

Amazon Cloud Storage’s advantages

Amazon Cloud storage service has such outstanding advantages.


Amazon Cloud Storage obtains arious certifications for security including SAS 70 Type II, HIPAA, FISMA Moderate, PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001. Amazon Cloud storage is well known for its durability and security. Amazon’s data centers and services go through multiple physical and operation security levels to ensure the safety and integrity for users’ data.


How much a user pays for their service is based on their storage consumption. You do not need to pay anything upfront. Generally, Amazon delivers benefits to customers by offering lower prices as it tries to manage and set up global scale infrastructure.

For example, Amazon Cloud Drive offers unlimited image hosting which is free for users who own Amazon Prime accounts, or you need to pay $ 11.99 a year to buy it. Also, at a price of $ 60 a year, users can store unlimited things on Amazon Cloud Drive which seems to be very attractive rates compared to $ 120 per year for 1 TB of Google Drive and $ 100 / year / 1TB of Dropbox.


With Amazon Cloud storage, you can select the programming model or platform of develo to make the most benefits for your business. You can also choose the device you want to use. The flexibility of Amazon Cloud service is really concentrating on innovation.
To replace the procedures of planning, hiring, doing budget or operating and deploying a project, you can start your deployment stage when using Amazon Cloud storage. Amazon cloud stoage makes the business process easier and more productive.


Amazon Cloud Storage allows customers to scale up or down the capacity upon their demand. Amazon Cloud storage lets you reduce or add more resources according to your demand and cost expectations.


Amazon has been presenting in the industry for more than 15 years so they obtain a lot of experience as well as creating a lot of innovations. Amazon will be beneficial for users as it gives the best skills and infrastructure management abilities.

Instruction on how to use Amazon Cloud Storage       

First of all, you will need to click Amazon Drive Cloud link on and register with it. Then you will also need to upload your first file using Amazon Cloud Drive web interface. During the first upload, you'll need to accept an agreement for upload policies.Then, download Gladinet Cloud Desktop from and install it. If your computer is the 32-bit system, you can use the 32-bit installation package, if not, then use the 64-bit package. During installation or after installation, you can mount Amazon Cloud Drive as a virtual directory.

Amazon Cloud Drive will display the Z-Drive My Gladinet disk on the computer. Amazon Cloud Storage has been leading the market in providing cloud storage services which aims mainly on data storage, date backup and recovery and test development.

Amazon Cloud is a service of high security which will help you to save cost in investing in infrastructure such as hardware and human resources also time on building and maintaining the system.

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