Meta: Google Cloud Storage Service has been an effective storage solution for many years. So let’s get to know deeper about the values that pack in Google Cloud Storage service.
Cloud-based computing has become an paramount important innovation in the Internet era that has brought to life a great deal of applications. One of the best offer by cloud-based computing is the google cloud storage which resolves a lot of issues that we encounter nowadays in storing and saving data. Google Cloud Storage service has been coming in presence to serve a lot of its users, especially enterprises who need an effective cloud storage solution.

Google Cloud Storage overview

Google Cloud Storage is an cloud-based computing file storage that allows users to store and access their data on Google’ infrastructure. Compared to its brother, Google Drive, in terms of  service specifications and use cases, Google Cloud Storage is more suitable to enterprises.

Google Cloud Storage highlighted benefits

Google Cloud Storage has exposed multiple core values that attract users, especially enterprises

Durability and simple storage

Google Cloud Storage provides developers and IT organizations with a long-standing, high-availability hosting service. Google has created three product options to help users address application needs while keeping costs low. These three options use the same single API, which gives users a simple, consistent way to access data.
Google Cloud Storage is designed for more than 99.99% durability. The service keeps storing data with autmatic checksums to make sure that all data is integrated.


Google Cloud Storage classifies pricing into different classes so that users can select the most suitable and reasonable for themselves.

Google only charges you depending on the computing time you consume. Another bonus from Google Cloud Storage is that there will be discounted prices for long-running workloads without upfront payment. This will be great for startups and IT enterprises to reduce costs.
Instances show that in comparison with AWS and Azure, Google Cloud storage is simply 40-50% lower in cost.

High performance and availability

Google Cloud Storage helps to store enterprise data on Google's infrastructure with high availability and stability. Google Cloud Storage stores and copies data with consistency.
High security, privacy and confidentiality

Google Cloud Storage is built and operated with security as its priority core value. All data is encrypted both in transit and in storage. The Google security model is an end-to-end process (all data is encrypted before being sent and decrypted before being received) built on over 15 years of experience.Google carries out security and privacy controls to ensure the compliance of global data protection standards.

Google Cloud Storage Service’s features


Google Cloud Storage is designed for 99.999999% of endurance, multiple copies, multiple locations with checksum, and cross-sectional area of data. Google Cloud Storage Nearline and DRA provide 99% of monthly availability, while Google Cloud Storage Standard provides 99.9% of monthly availability.


Google Cloud Storage Nearline and DRA provide 99% of monthly availability, while Google Cloud Storage Standard provides 99.9% of monthly availability.


Google Cloud Storage is scalable almost limitless. Whether you are building a pet-sized or petabytes (one trillion bytes) scale, Google Cloud Storage can handle it.


Ensure that once a write is sucessful, the latest copy of the object will be returned to any GET, globally (applied to the new PUTs or overwritten objects and deleted).
With the features and support that Google Cloud Storage brings to developers, businesses can be assured of storing their data at a more affordable and cost effective way.

Live migration of Virtual Machines

Google Cloud Storage has another advantage which is live migrations of Virtual Machines which AWS and Azure cannot do. This feature is very important that differerentiate Google Cloud Storage service from its competitors. With live migration capability, it allows engineers to identify issues related to patching, fixing, updating programs in a better manner.

Continued expansion

Google targets to innovate Google Cloud Storage service and add new regionional access. It will help users worldwide be able to access the service anywhere they are, when they are on business trips and so on.

Some notes when using Google Cloud Storage service

Make multiple copies of the data

One advice for users is that never store all of your data on cloud as the only single repository. It is because we cannot manage the lifespan of the cloud storage service. It can disappear tomorrow out of our control. It may disappear tomorrow without warning, accompanied by a loss of your data. So let’s just consider cloud data only as a backup while using another parallel backups is a necessary solution.

Data protection

The issue of data security is a critical matter to be considered. If your service provider is hacked, your data will actually be compromised because the hacker will have full access to your data. Therefore, Use encryption applications to secure your cloud.

As being seen, Google Cloud Storage service obtains a lot of advantages not only in terms of pricing but also in terms of its network, security and latency as well as scalable and durable characteristics.
Googe Cloud Storage service has outperformed many of its competitors in hosting service market in terms of not only consistency but also durability, security, latency, availability, scalability and live migration. Give a go on this service for an effective storage solution for your enteprise.