Top 7 Best Online Storage of 2018

By John Wallace
Meta: There are data and files that are very important with a great amount and you cannot store them all in your computer or phone due to the fear of loss and lack of disk space, online storage is what you should look at as a solution. So, what are the top 7 best online storage of 2018?
Why do we have to make your storage space of your PC or phone overwhelmed with tons of files and documents while we can store them online. Online storage is the most likely solution nowadays for storing and backup data. So, hereafter, the Top 7 best online storage of 2018 will be some recommendations for you in choosing a suitable online storage service.

Why do we need online storage?

It is apparent that the trend to reduce costly hardware storage and infrastructure by using online storage nowadays is very prevailing and favored.

Why are more and more people and businesses using online storage? First, we acknowledge that their hardware storage is limited at a certain level and our devices such as PC or phone will be slowed down if files are packed whole a lot in its hardware storage. To remain more space for our device, we seek solution by using storage in cloud. Online storage is more spacious and better to store a big amount of data.

There are unfortunate incidents such as device damage, brokedown problems or loss of hardware device or PC that we cannot take our data back. As a result, a measure for this matter is to save our files and documents online by using online storage.

Furthermore, online storage compared to conventional or hardware storage is more cost-effective as users do not have to invest cost in building infrastructure and environment. Sometimes we receive free amount of storage from online storage providers or we only pay a reasonable amount per month to get plenty of storage.

So, hereafters are Top 7 best online storage of 2018

1. Acronis True Image

Backing up entire images on your computer's hard drive is the most comprehensive solution to ensure that no files are lost. Acronis True Image will copy your hard drive and store the hard drive data in cloud. To use Acronis True Image, users will pay for a plan of $ 39 per year.

Acronis True Image is a great way to protect your data, including a physical backup by storing data on your external hard drive and downloading your precious data files from Facebook account. and mobile devices.
The price will fluctuate a bit higher if you want to use Acronis True Image on multiple computers or want more free space for storage. Acronis True Image also offers a $ 99 premium per year to protect your data from ransomware - one of the issues that brings headaches to users while the number of ransomware attacks has increased a great deal.

2. Backblaze

Do not need to turn on your computer, ask yourself how many files, data you want to back up. Or if you cannot answer, you can guess how much memory do you need to store all of them? If you do not know the answer, Backblaze may be the perfect answer to help you with those questions.
Backblaze offers unlimited storage, regardless of the size of files as well as the speed at which you want to upload or download files. If downloading files is difficult (or simply for some reason you cannot download files), your data can be sent to your USB hard drive or flash drive. Encrypting your files and requesting 2-factor authentication, the service will do its best to protect their users, including Mac and Windows users. Users will have to pay $ 5 a month to use Backblaze; if they subscribe to a 1 or 2-year prepaid plan, the price will be discounted.

3. Carbonite

In terms of popularity, one of the top 7 best online storage services  is Carbonite. The program offers 3 optional data synchronization packages, all with unlimited storage.

The Basic Carbonite is $ 59 per year providing automatic backup, remote access, and free support in the event of experiencing data access problems by users. Carbonite Plus is priced at $ 99 / year providing everything that's available on the Basic Carbonite plan, plus the ability to connect to external hard drives, so users can sync " oversized " data on a Windows or Mac computer.

The premium service, Carbonite Prime, costs $ 149 per year. It provides all the features of the two aforementioned versions, plus the ability to transfer files to the location you want if you have problems downloading files.  However, this service only supports Windows users. Hence, Carbonite may not be suitable for all users.

4. Crashplan

Users can choose to pay a subscription of $ 59 per year for one computer or $ 149 per year for 10 Linux, Mac and Windows computers, Crashplan will  ensure that your data is completely safe in the cloud. Crashplan provides unlimited storage to its users. Additonally, Crashplan offers a number of unique features, including the ability to pause backups when the battery status is low or when using a specific wireless network. Crashplan transfers and stores your data in encrypted form, protecting your personal information, even the information and data on your external hard drive. Also, Crashplan distributes the option to delete files forever.

5. iDrive

IDrive is a backup online storage solution for Mac, PC, iOS and Android users. With the ability to store data on an unlimited number of devices, iDrive makes real-time backup and synchronization of  all files. iDrive is a portable solution and user-friendly which allows users to access files backed up on PC from iOS and Android devices. iDrive also comes with a Smart Docs feature that helps users identify documents after the user has taken them and uploaded them online.

6. Apple iCloud

Although Apple iCloud is not a online storage service for PC, Apple iCloud still offers Mac and iPhone users a lot of "worth the investment" protection.

Designed to make online storage for photos, music, videos and user materials used on Apple's ecosystems, the online storage service offers 5GB of free storage, allowing users to restore everything from bookmarks to emails if something goes wrong on their device.

You can spend $ 20 per month to use 2TB of storage; however, Apple iCloud will not automatically copy the hard drive on your computer. You can enable iCloud Backup on your iOS devices to host your mobile device copies online.

7. Google Drive

Similar to Apple's iCloud storage service, Google Drive offers users 15GB of free online storage, and if you want to use more storage space, you can opt for the 100GB package at the cost of $ 1.99 / month; 1TB package costs $ 9.99 / month or 10TB package costs $ 99 / month. With the intelligence of Google software, you can easily use and share files online. Even if you wish, you can also copy your entire hard drive and upload to your Google Drive but it will have to rely on Google Drive app support.
We have just introduced you to the list of Top 7 Best Online Storage of 2018. Which of the above online storage service are you using? Share with us!