Understand Google Cloud Platform

By John Wallace
Meta: Coming along with the Internet boom, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has come in presence as an application for everyone with useful features and benefits. Let’s learn deeper about what Google Cloud Platform is about and its characteristics as well as advantages.
In the 4.0 era when technological applications become trends and prevail the world. Internet sensation has brought up many applications for people; in which, Google Cloud Platform is one of the great applications in hosting service using cloud computing as its core fundamental. Let’s understand about Google Cloud Platform in further depth in this article.

Google Cloud platform introduction

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing model that allows enterprises and organizations to build and run applications on Google’s infrastructure. Google has a variety of cloud computing services using its own Google Cloud Platform such as Google Search, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Gmail or Youtube.
Google Cloud Platform comprises essential services like data storage, data analysis and machine learning. Therefore, businesses will only focus their resources on its specializations and business doings instead of worrying about the infrastructure underneath. Google Cloud Platform not only gives businesses familiar services they need, but the difference lies in the fact that those services are located at Google, which has secure data centers adopting the most rigorous standards for a cloud computing system.

Google Cloud Platform features

Google Cloud Platform use infrastructure of Google: GCP is built on the same infrastructure that enables to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serving 6 billion video hours on Youtube per month, and provide Memory for 425 million Gmail users.

Focus on your product: GCP rapidly develops, deploys and duplicates your application without worrying about system administration. Google manages your apps, databases and hosts, so you do not have to spend your results in any of these activities.
Service Integration: Google Cloud Platform has all the services your application architecture needs, including virtual machines, managed platforms, blob memory, block memory, NoSQL databases, MySQL database and Big Data analysis.
Be able to scale up to millions of users: Google Cloud Platform’s applications can be able to scale automatically to resolve the most demanding workloads on the Internet scale and scale down when the number of accesses goes down. You only have to pay upon what you use.
Performance-Based: Every millisecond of latency is a problem. Google's computing infrastructure provides you with consistent CPU, memory, and disk performance. The cache servers at the network bandwidth and network respond to users around the world quickly.
Fully support when needed: With our worldwide community of users, partner ecosystems, and special support packages, Google offers a wealth of resources to help you get started and develop worldwide.

Google Cloud Platform’s plus points

Google Cloud Platform provides top-notch server quality, fast, easy-to-use, and extremely dedicated hosting.

Google’s backbone network use a wide range of fiber optic cables, advanced software networking and cutting-edge caching services to give away the quickest and consistent performance.

Google security model is one of the most reliable one which has been built for over 15 years. Security is one of the utmost core values of Google applications such as Gmail, Google Apps. Google Cloud Platform makes sure to secure your data and confidentiality.

Not only that, because it is Cloud, it can automatically scale (change to adapt) to the needs of all time. Therefore, the biggest advantage of Google Cloud Platform is that it can meet the needs of a huge number of users. Google Cloud Platform integrates many launchers. When an user needs a certain application, there is a list presented to them to select. For example, you want to have Windows 10, or you want Centos OS or even you want a Wordpress website, just click one which is available in the list Google Cloud platform provides and you’ll get it within a minute.

Google Cloud Platform services allow quick collaboration for users. Users can contribute to and access projects at the same time as data is stored on the cloud instead of their computers.
Multiple users can have access to the project at once and also contribute to the data within authority from different devices or location.

Available flexibility to users: Users can autonomously control their data and have ownership on their data in Google cloud services. If the user does not want to use the service anymore, they can remove their data off the Google Cloud services on Google Cloud Platform.

How to start with Google Cloud Platform

After successfully registering your Google Cloud Platform account, you will begin the installation and take the first steps. This is tha interface when we sign in to the Google Developers Console. The reason is called Google Developers Console is that because there are a lot of development tools in Google Cloud platform, not just the modules they work on. A project is that contains a lot of supporting components, one of which is the processing module we call short VPS. In cloud computing it has the term called compute unit.

Section "Project" in GCP

The section “Billing” can be briefly described as a usage charge, which we can see what is used and how much it costs you. However, using only the compute unit, it is difficult to use the amount of credit Google has provided. Then, you can set up your accounts and researched Google Cloud Platform guide.
“Billing” section in GCP
In short, Google Cloud Platform can completely become the "right hand" of businesses and organizations in the building and development of utilities, software, applications on the Google system itself.