Top 5 Best Websites For Free Domain Registration

By John Wallace
Meta: If you are not affordable to buy domain names, it is ideal to consider websites for free domain registration. We would like to introduce five websites for free domain registration that are worth considering.
We have introduced five websites for cheap domain registration in the previous article, but how can you buy domain names, even cheap ones, if you are not affordable? We have found out five reliable websites for free domain registration.

Benefits of free domain registration

It is an alternative when you do not have a domain name and web hosting, suitable for students passionate with WordPress. Using free domain names may solve financial difficulties if you or your company have a weak financial capacity.

The five websites for free domain registration


This is a website offering free domain names with an eye-catching interface. Whenvisiting the website, you just need to type the domain name you want to register to check whether the name exits or not.
You can edit the Forward domain, use your own Domain Name System System (DNS) or Freenoom’s easily.


This is a website providing free domain names with a simple interface. With this website, you can enjoy free Uniform Resource Locator (URL) redirection, Meta tag support, Favicon, Google Webmaster Tool, and no banner, popup.

But you will be required to set a link-back in the first page of your site, such as, for example:


On the top of the website, you can see “register up to 100 domains for free” or you can buy a VIP account for up to 1,000 free domain names.

You just need to type the domain name you want to search in the box and check for availability. offers the best free domain names with dynamic DNS service similar to that of .com domains and others. Besides domain names, also provides free DNS services with full resources such as Mail Exchanger (MX), Canonical Name (CNAME), A, and Start of Authority (SOA).

If good and short domain names have been already registered, why don’t you try an easy-to-remember domain name at

4. offers free domain names with its own DNS control panel. You can choose domain names at from various choices such as,,,

You need to create an account to register for free domain names at With each account, you are allowed to register for one free domain name.


With, you can create domain name for free and take advantage of free domain hosting, free Joomla, free Wordpress blog.

Some advantages of are PHP5 & MySQL support, no force ADS, 250MB disk space and 5GB bandwidth, 1-click script installer and additional support for CGI/Perl, ASP.NET, Ruby, Python, cURL, and GD library.

How to register for free domain names

We would like to give some suggestions on how to register for free domain names at one of the above-mentioned websites, take as an example.

At website, you type the domain name you want to register in the box. The domain name is accepted if it has yet to be registered by others.
After entering the domain name in the box, click “GO” and enter the domain information as guided.
After that, for “long-term registration,” you should choose 12 months as you can expand the term when it is expired.After that, enter the characters that you see (for verification) and choose “register.”
You then choose accounts for registration, for example Google account, accept the conditions and wait for a few seconds before your domain name is sucessfully registered.

Domain name management at

At website, you choose log in to My Dot and choose an account that you have registered in the previous step to log in. After the logging in, you can choose Domain Panel to manage you domain name(s).
If you are unaffordable to buy domain names, you should consider free domain registration on websites which offer both free hosting and domain names. However, some websites require you to set link-back or limit the resources you can use. You had better use fee-paying hosting and domain names so that all things will be under your control.

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