Choose Domains To Develop Websites - Blogs

By John Wallace
Meta: Nowadays, there are many people wanting to select domains to set up websites. In this piece of writing, we would like to deliver notes relating to choosing domains – the first step in setting up websites and blogs.

When developing websites, users have to choose domains for their websites. If users set up websites for funs, they can choose domains randomly in 30 seconds without consideration. However, if they want to make websites become their “whole-hearted products,” they must consider cafefully when choosing and naming domains.

Let’s have a look at some notes in choosing suitable domains right now.

What are domains? Which domains should the users choose?

Domains are online addresses leading to websites/blogs. So which domains should users choose, among .com, .net, and others?
  • +  .com domain is the most popular, professional, and most favored by users: Users should prioritize this kind of domain. However, short and good domains become rarer and arer.
  • +   .net, .org domain is also a suitable choice if users cannot buy .com domains
  • +   .io is a “luxury” domain which is easy to remember. It is favored by technology start-ups despite high costs.
  • +    Besides, there are many other domains such as .blog, .shop, .club, .store, .cc. However, they are strange domains and unpopularly used. If users want to develop blogs about technologies, they can consider .io domain (with many short and good domains). However, users should prioritize such domains as .com, .net, and .org.

Where can users buy domains?

To buy domains, users need to have online payment accounts. So they need to register for Paypal and confirm with VISA. There will be two suitable options for them. Users should buy domains from reliable providers.

Users can consider the following reliable websites to buy domains:

Are domains regarded as search engine optimization (SEO)?

When searching with keywords on Google, users always see .com domains on the first page, so they think that .com domains are the search engine optimization (SEO). This is not completely accurate.

Google rates keywords based on the “domain authority,” which is indicated by the “websites’ development process.” In the first stage, every domain has the same authority, what users need to do is make the domain climb to the top positions.

.com domain frequently appears in the top positions as it is widely used. Therefore, users will see this domain more frequently than others.

However, users should not choose free or low-cost domains such as .tk, .info, .biz, etc., for the following reasons:
  • - Most contents from these domains are “rubbish”: Users register to test or develop low-quality contents in these domains, which leads to a huge amount of contents in these domains being blocked/fined by Google. Google will not prioritize these domains.
  • - These domains are unprofessional and unsuitable to develop in a long period of time.
  • - Users should invest a little bit more in buying reliable domains as they are as brainchildren.

Popular types of domains

Before guiding users on how to choose domains, we would like to brief some popular types of domains on the Internet, which are:

+ Exact Match Domain: Domains consist of the full name for search engine optimization (SEO), for example,,, etc. Websites builders always research the keywords needed for SEO before choosing domains. These keywords are usually frequently searched.

Four to five years ago, experts said that Exact Match Domain significantly affected the searching results, many people decided to choose such kind of domain. However, in the last one or two years, many big websites have had to change domains as they negatively impacted brands’ development.

+ Partial Match Domain: Domain consists of two parts: (i) the head keywords and (ii) several words unnecessary for SEO, which may be a name easy for customers to remember. For instance,, or, etc.

This kind of domain has bigger potential in brand building, comparing to Exact Match Domain.

+ Personal Domain Name: If you do online businesses such as MMO or marketing online, you must have visited some high-rated blogs of famous people as Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. These websites and blogs use bloggers’ names as domains’ names.

This kind of domain is usually used to build personal brands. Besides, you can use personal brands for big companies’ names. Perhaps all of us know such domains as or

+ Branded Domain Name: For examples,,, or Big brands will build up their reputation with customers so that customers will think about their brands immediately after the brand names appear.

Branded Domain Name is the highest priority among current start-ups thanks to its huge potentials and benefits.

The way to choose domain for websites 

As you have learned about four kinds of domains, so what are the most suitable ones for your websites? We would like to give out the pros and cons of these types of domains and advice for you, depending on your jobs, business scales, and future plans.

+ Exact Match Domain

As mentioned, four to five years ago, SEO experts said that domains with keywords are advantageous for SEO. However, since 2016, this has been no longer true, domains with keywords have no longer affected SEO.

So, it is no worth putting keywords in domains with Exact Match Domain. Google gives exact ratings based on content quality and hundreds of search algorithms, thus evaluating whether the websites’ contents are good or bad.

Domains with keywords have many weak points. Take the website named as an example. This website has a domain with keyword health insurance, meaning this website offers information on health insurance services.

However, in the future, if the website owner is able to develop his/her businesses and wants to expand his/her business operations to some other fields as automobile or home insurance, this domain ( will no longer be suitable as the domain indicates one business operating field only.

Therefore, Exact Match Domain has low potentials to develop brands. When customers look at the domain, they know only one of your business operating fields, regarding it as your core business while others are supplementary ones.

+ Partial Match Domain

Users can choose this kind of domain but should always prioritize a part of keywords as general aspects, for example, a website for insurance services should include health, home, and automobile health insurance.

Naming this kind of domain has an outstanding point that users can know your core businesses when looking at the domain names.

+ Branded Domain Name

When you want to buy something, you tend to choose branded websites rather than other massive ones. Branded websites usually have the domain names exactly the same as their brand names.

Current start-ups always choose branded domains which are short and easy to remember for their services and products. If you are doing businesses in groups or organizations, this is a perfect choice.

+ Personal Domain Name

If you are building a personal brand and doing businesses with your prestige or doing affiliate marketing, Personal Domain Name is a smart choice. That’s why many famous people use their names for domains’ name.

Personal Domain Name is also an effective marketing strategy, as you are not selling products but introducing products/services to others. Readers will believe in the personal experience rather than brands’ advertisements.

Suggestions for choosing domains

For firms selling physical/digital products with from two to three members: You should think of Branded Domain Name which is short, unique, and easy to remember, read, and pronounce.

For those selling products made by themselves or doing affiliate marketing for products that they have used/products in market niches: use Personal Domain Name or Partial Match Domain.

For those wanting to build their personal brands and earn money with blogs: prioritize Personal Domain Name or Partial Match Domain.

How to name domains?

Put .com domain in the highest priority: .com domains are always regarded as professional ones. Customers always think that websites with .com domains are officials ones, others are smaller or even fake. When choosing .com domains, you have an advantage in terms of online competition.

Make your brand a unique one: you should search carefully where the domain name you are going to choose had existed or not to avoid misunderstanding and other problems such as trademark and copyright. Notably, you should not choose the same domain names as big brands’ to avoid troubles.

Choose short, easy-to-remember domain names: if you want to build websites and develop them in a professional way, you should search on how to name your brands. This will remarkably affect impression on customers.

Act timely: if you have already thought of an excellent and suitable domain name, buy it immediately. After a period of time, if you feel that your business(es) may develop further, buy such reliable domains as .net or .org to protect your brands.