Cloud Server Hosting and How It Works

By John Wallace
Meta:  Cloud server hosting is a reliable hosting method to meet the needs of cloud usage of users in the Internet boom nowadays. So, what is exactly Cloud server hosting and how does it work?

We have been familiar with a lot of cloud services today. So do you know how the cloud services you are using are able to run and store your data? Cloud hosting services provide hosting on virtual servers which allow data and resources to be stored and processed. Dedicated server hosting is used for certain needs of customers.  With a huge capacity of storage, cloud server hosting services give users a higher level of scalability, availability and productivity.  So, what is Cloud server hosting and how does it work? Let’s explore herewith.

What is the Cloud?

First off, what is the Cloud that we have been mentioning a lot? The cloud is used to imply a number of servers connected to the Internet for the lease of software or application services. Cloud-based services may comprise web hosting service, data hosting, data sharing and other application uses.
Furthermore, the cloud can also mean Cloud computing, a practice which uses a network of different remote servers hosted across the Internet to manage and store data and other activities instead of using a local server and a single individual computer.

What is Cloud server hosting?

A cloud server is a virtual server operating all in a cloud computing-based environment. Cloud server hosting is done through the Internet on the cloud computing platform which hosts and distributes the servers.

Cloud server hosting brings the service by using virtual servers to store and manage data. Clients can use the service upon their need at different stage. As a result, it will be very cost-efficient.
The use cases of Cloud server hosting can fall under PaaS ([platform as a Service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service) categories.

How does Cloud server hosting work?

Cloud server hosting services offer a lot of benefits compared with the traditional method of hosting services by using dedicate servers.
Considering aspects of servers, cloud server works in a quite similar manner as physical servers but the functions can be different.

Resources can be scaled up or down based on the changes in customers’ needs. When there is more demand on the servers, the hosting provider will make it automatically to ensure the capacity is increased.

Cloud servers use hypervisor for its operation to control and justify the capacity of operating systems. Each particular client is dedicated with a number of cloud servers. This makes the computing resources used to a client and when needed, extra capacity can be added.
With a network of cloud servers, there is more redundancy; in case there is a failure of a server, other servers will take care of the system.

Benefits of Cloud server hosting

Flexible and scalable

When required, the capacity can be added and particular client can access more data on demand.


Customers only pay for what they use at a specific time. If the resource/ data is  not required any more, they can be cut down to save storage.


Cloud servers are considered to be more reliable compared to conventional ones because there are a number of servers for redundancy. Once a server fails to perform its function, other servers will back up immediately without interruption.

Some of prestigious Cloud server hosting providers

There are various cloud server hosting providers. Here we will list out some of prestigious cloud server hosting providers which receive positive reviews and judgments.