Notes To Buy Domain Names

By John Wallace
Meta: Buying domain names plays a crucial role in the long-term development of websites. Hope that the following notes in will help you make the best decision when intending to buy domain names for websites.
Many website builders are concerned about how to buy domain names for websites. With experienced ones, they know what they are doing and what they have to do; however, with inexperienced ones, it is difficult to choose good domain names which are easy to search engine optimization (SEO). We hope that this piece of writing will help you make a right decision in buying domain names.

Is choosing domain names important?

Domains are important part of websites. It is the online address for customers/users to access your websites/blogs and help them remember your products/services. So it is necessary to carefully consider when choosing domain names.

You should choose the domain names which are friendly, easy-to-remember, and relate to keywords relevant to websites’ contents. If you are making money online and you have not had a domain name or have not known how to choose domain names, this piece of writing is for you.
We would like to deliver you some ways to choose domain names effectively, ways to buy low-cost domain names meeting the above-mentioned criteria.

Ways to buy good and suitable domain names

If you are building Niche site and Affiliate Site to promote your products, do not hesitate to choose domain names linking with your brands. If you are working for companies, take the brand names as the domain names. Meanwhile, the blog domain names should be your names or nicknames.

Do you know why the giant Google encourages websites intending to build brands? Because Google thinks that websites intending to build brands will provide customers/users with valuable and high-quality products.

Moreover, domain names help you to promote your brands widely to customers and users. When choosing domain names, please consider the following notes:

Ø Choose high-potential domain names

Choose domain names with high potentials to promote your brands: ask yourself whether you want your brands to develop sustainably in a long time and bring you incomes in the future or you just build brands for your passion and hobbies. To build website or blog brands, you need more time. By sharing valuable contents with users/viewers, you will have more frequent followers, who may become your potential loyal customers.

You should not waste your power, time, and even money building blogs without any clear plans for your future as it will make you quit soon.

So we would like to advise you to choose domain names which are universal, meaning not too specific. Such universal domain names serve not only your present products but also future ones.

Take blog named as an example. This blogger uses his/her name as a domain name to share experience and guidelines for making money online or affiliate marketing. If he/she wants to expand his/her operating business fields, he/she can absolutely use this domain name.

Besides, customers/users will immediately think of him/her whenever mentioning “Hoang Banh,” as a person sharing experience on making money online. If you choose such domain name as,” it is difficult for you to develop your brand in the future.

Choose short, easy-to-remember domain names: you should choose short and easy-to-remember domain names which also indicate full meanings. A good domain name usually has from one to 63 characters.

Readers/users rarely bookmark websites which they accidentally see and difficult to remember. So you should choose branded domain names which are easy to remember.

For example, is a short but hard-to-remember domain name. Instead, you should choose

Choose simple but meaningful domain names: if you choose complicated domain names, customers/users will find it difficult to remember, thus entering wrong domain names. So they cannot access your websites. In such cases, your competitors will take the advantage as they have shorter and easier-to-remember domain names.

In terms of domain names’ meaning, you should choose domain names which are relevant to your products so that customers/viewers can know your websites’ general contents without entering the websites.

Avoid special characters in domain names: special characters consist of numbers and (-) and (+). You should not choose such domain name as Although this domain name indicates a full meaning, it will not be favored by customers/users as it is difficult for them to type (-) characters. In such case, your competitor who chooses such domain name as will have advantages as this is more favored by customers/viewers.

Besides, you should not include numbers in domain names as it is hard to type, remember, and may cause misunderstanding when speaking out. For instance, domain name called is difficult for customers/viewers to type. Especially, it may cause misunderstanding when speaking out as customers/users will misunderstand the domain name as

Therefore, you should not include numbers or special characters in domain names.

Choose domain names based on your country: you should choose your country’s domain names for your websites, which will be prioritized in that country’s search engine, thus helping you enhance your brands

For instance, Google chooses domain name for its operation in Canada, domain name for its operation in the U.S., etc.

Ø Choose easy-to-SEO domain names

Google has over 200 algorithms, which include some relating to domain names. Choosing domain names which are easy to SEO is important. SEO aims to make websites be at the top of searching results, which helps you increase the viewership without having to make costly advertisements to driver more traffic to your websites. We would like to give you five important notes when choosing easy-to-SEO domain names.

Suitable domain names: if you are targeting global viewers, .com domain is the No.1 choice. .com is the most popular domain name and is favored than others. It has been so impressive in users’ minds that many people know it as the only domain name. According to professional SEOers, Google prioritize .com domain the most, followed by .net, .org, .info.

So you should buy domain names which are most prioritized by Google. If the domain names have been bought, you can add some letters (z, az, etc.) to the brand names. For example, you can choose or in case domain has already been bought. If these domain names have also been bought, you now have to choose other names.

Domain names with keywords: domain names with keywords are also used by search engines in their algorithms. If you are doing affiliate marketing for such products as weight-losing drugs, fashion, beauty & cosmetics, automobile, tourism, or training courses, you should include these keywords in the domain names for your websites.

Domain names with keywords may help your websites be on the top of searching results.

Domain names with supplementary keywords: choosing domain names with keywords is quite difficult as your competitors have chosen domain names in this way. So if you want to choose domain names with keywords, you should include some supplementary words in the names. If the domain name has already been bought, you should include some other words so that the domain names will become or

You needn’t worry about the length of domain names as long-tail keywords may be effective than shorter ones, according to experts. Because it indicates exactly what customers need. For example, if viewers search “oppo mobile phone,” they are only interested in the configuration, models, size, or prices of the phones. By contrast, if they search with longer words like “where to buy oppo mobile phones”, they indeed want to buy oppo mobile phones.

Domain names with place names: you should also consider choosing domain names with place names as Google focuses on geographical factors. Currently, the term “SEO local” has appeared and is used by experts. For instance, you have a store in New York, you can choose such domain names as or These domain names are easy-to-remember and easy-to-SEO. Moreover, customers residing in these places will prioritize visiting these websites.

Ø Choose reliable, low-cost domain name suppliers

After choosing several domain names, you will move to the next step to choose a reliable and low-cost domain name supplier. If you own Visa/Master/Paypal cards, you can buy domain names via such websites as, 1and1,, etc.

We have just given some suggestions on buying suitable and optimal domain names. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave comments in the following box, we would be glad to answer as soon as possible.

Hope you will have success!