Three Best Google Web Hosting Services Today

By John Wallace
Meta:  Google web hosting is one of the most popular web hosting provider which is taken into many people’s list of options nowadays. IF you are still wondering about the best Google web hosting services today, let’s find out the answer in this article.


With the demands for building website for individual or businesses, web hosting service becomes more and more essential. Without using various resources of the business, a company can have it website availble for access by using web hosting service. Google web hosting service is one of the best web hosting service nowadays. Let’s discover more three best Google web hosting services today.

What is Google web hosting service?

Web hosting means the service of hosting and maintaining the website. To operate, the website needs to be hosted on a server that is connected to the Internet and operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Buying google website hosting is definitely a concern for those who intend to build websites. When choosing Google web hosting service, you should prioritize factors such as quality and stability. Then you consider the price factor.

With good hosting services, you do not have to worry about technical issues. You only focus on content development, customer care and website promotion.

Top three best Google web hosting providers

The three best google web hosting provides listed herewith represent three different segments which are cheap, universal and high-end. Hosting services here always remain amazing uptime.

1. A2Hosting

A2Hosting is also a quality hosting provider. A2Hosting stands out with extremely stable hosting service with high uptime as well as 99.9% commitment. In addition, the hosting service here has high security. Security is always a problem for shared hosting services because of its shared resource nature.

Moreover, the use of unauthorized theme is quite common in Vietnam, so security matter is more important. We are also not sure about the safety of those theme because malicious code can destroy your website.

A2Hosting has taken more measures than other hosting companies to provide security for its servers. Right in cPanel, A2Hosting also integrates Patchman service to quickly find security flaws for your website. This is a feature that has not been found in many other hosting services.

A2 Hosting also has a special hosting package called Turbo plan to bring the optimal speed for your website. The speed of this package is due to server caching (Turbo Cache, APC / OPCache, Memcached).

A2Hosting also has A2 Optimized Software that automatically configures your WordPress website for optimal performance and security.
Generally, A2Hosting is suitable for those who need a stable system for website development. And it is hosting service worth the investment.

2.HawkHost – universal shared host

HawkHost is a highly regarded web hosting provider. The simple reason for this is that it offers good speed and stability, but at the very economical price.
HawkHost is located in Hong Kong. HawkHost always has a discount offer. You can also view more about HawkHost to learn more about the pricing and features available in the service.

3. NameCheap – economical shared host

You have very limited hosting budget. You do not have much capital to invest in hosting. You need a cheap hosting service and the quality is still acceptable.If so,we recommend you consider NameCheap, a cheap shared hosting service.

At first the package with $ 9.88 Value would be fake because the price was too cheap. But the results show the opposite. This package is very well loaded. When there is no broken cable that occurs, this package provides good speed. However, it obtains high possibility of being affected by cable breakage. Here below is the demo website hosted by Namecheap.

With this package, you also get free Positive SSL certificate worth $ 9. You can store up to 3 websites with the Value Pack.NameCheap uses cPanel-based hosting which is not the custom cPanel, so you will not have any problems while using hosting here. Uptime is committed to 100% with NameCheap always.

The article has given you the answer to three best Google hosting services today. Depending on the hosting budget, you will definitely find a suitable provider for you.

Hawk Host stands out with good speed and offers good price options. Hosting has high uptime and pleasant price. It is suitable for users who are not financially rich but still want to have good quality hosting service.

NameCheap stands out in the cheap segment when it comes to the $ 9.88 value package. Using hosting service here you also get a Positive SSL Certificate $ 9. If you choose a package other than value, use discount code on the website of Namecheap.

Finally, A2Hosting, a hosting service located in Singapore, ensures optimal speed. Service quality is stable with high uptime. It also provides good security for all websites hosted on the server thanks to the advanced Patchman feature in cPanel.