Top 5 Best Websites To Buy Domain Names

By John Wallace
Meta: It can be quite complicated and confusing for websites owners to buy domain names. So, we created this post to help you!


Small- or medium-size business owners are aware of how essential it is to choose a suitable domain name for their websites. When digging into the matter, one of the questions popping into their mind definitely is: From which website, should I buy a domain name for my site? Or what are the best domain suppliers out there to secure and identify that perfect domain?
It can be quite complicated and confusing for websites owners to buy domain names since there are thousands of options out there. While many domain registrar sites offer many similar features, some just provide several suitable traits for the need of small- or medium-sized businesses.
In the following, we are going to give you an overview of five best domain registrar sites being chosen based on our research and experience. As usual, “best” is just a subject term because with any service, offers are continuously changing and customer’s experiences will be different every day.

Top 5 Best Websites to Buy Domain Names

1- 1&1

This is a famous option which declares to have more than 12 million domains worldwide, is considered as one of the best domain registrar sites for website owners who have numerous domains, make frequent changes and add domains on a regular basis.
Benefits: The biggest benefit this website brings to clients must be the price. There is no doubt to say that no other websites can beat 1&1 when it comes to pricing. The current offer of this company is introduced that in order to register a domain you only need $.99. Additionally, the domain transfer process is the main plus, since customers only need to follow a few super easy steps or rules on the company’s website to transfer their domain from another registrar to 1&1. Another advantage is about applying mobile to manage the website which allows the clients to view Whois information, control their domains, sign up new domains or more through the 1&1 mobile app. There are 700 new domain extensions which customers might feel satisfied to choose from.

Drawbacks: 1&1 might be perfect and suitable for customers who are experts on the web, yet it is not really useful for those who may need extra support and guidance. In addition, some previous clients have given a claim that there were some problems on the auto-renewal policy posing while they had decided to change registrar companies and the result showed that there was no update about their expiring credit cards. Besides, 1&1 even charged a late fee to their credit card instead of showing the option to cease the service.

2 -

Another well-known domain registrar company is Just one click on the website can display a very clean, user-friendly and modern design and an exceptional domain search user interface.
Benefits: The domain search user interface offers clients a speedy and simple way to determine what kind of extension is available and whether or not a domain is taken. In addition, the site allows clients to add latest domain names to a “watchlist” and reserve a domain super easy. Moreover than that, when one domain at becomes available, customers can pay a small fee to take the one they are interested in. created an extra measure of security through a Verisign app called Namesafe for mobile phone users. When clients sign in to their account, they have to key on a randomly generated security code, username or password which makes it almost impossible for a hacker to tune into a customer’s account. Registration for TLDs price at approximately $10.99/year which is quite competitive.

Drawbacks: The biggest downfall to might be about customer support’s frame time because of its limitations. The company is currently offering support only from Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 8.00 pm MST, and from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm MST every day for emails.

3 - Network Solutions

This service was founded in 1979, making it one of the oldest domain registrar companies. Although the company offers services like website design, online marketing or web hosting, its biggest role has always been domain registration, and it has shown an amazing work which makes it stand in top 5 websites to buy domain names.
Benefits: The certified offer system probably is the most outstanding feature given by this site which allows clients to make an immediate offer in order to buy an already registered domain name. In Network Solutions your personal information is well-protected, no one has your private images or profiles because it supervises the transaction process. This feature is not only provided convenience for users but also give customers an extra measure of security. Moreover, the company shows a complete list of domain expansions to choose from and gives customers the ability to discover different selections including a list of oncoming extensions. The company also creates a Buyer’s Club program which offers a discount of 10% for the customers who would like buy new top-level domains (TLDs) that are being introduced.

Drawbacks: To buy domain names from this site you absolutely need to have a pocket filled with money cause the price is quite higher than others, but it gives you the best price guarantee ever. Pricing typically extends from $34.99 to $129.99 depending on which extension you chose and the contract terms.

4 -

Being one of the newbies in this field, has already made its own reputation widely. The price starts at about $10.70 for a dot com, although the company advertises that customers can sign up their domains for such a low cost at $3.98.
Benefits: One of the most remarkable features about NameCheap is its user-friendly interface and tidiness, which is easy for customers to handle. The second reason NameCheap is chosen to be one of the best domain registrar sites for tiny business is its donated server options and use of Cloudflare, which is created to decrease the server strain while rising site performance. Via Cloudflare, web traffic is sent through a smart global performance and visitors tuning into a website can experience fast page load times and incredible performance thanks to the automatical optimism of web page transferal. NameCheap is definitely dedicated to clients who prefer to keep their domain and to host with the same provider.

Drawbacks: The shortage of telephone support is the biggest flaw of NameCheap. Although support by email has an incredible performance, there are some problems that are much easier when we can have a specific conversation via phone.

5 -

Running the business in this field for quite a long time, already built a strong position in providing hosting service. Price for one year using this site fluctuates from $6.99 to $12.99 per a TLD.
Benefits: GoDaddy offers clients a variety of free extras which contains an email account, total domain nameserver (DNS) control, domain locking and one-page website. Additionally, the special GeoDomainMap feature gives the clients the ability to aim at specific regions and register the most suitable domains for those areas. At GoDaddy the clients can register country-specific and international domains, one more plus these are available in more than 100 different languages.  One more convenient trait for some users have multiple domains that are the bulk discounts.

Drawbacks: The limitless effort to sell more services for customers or persuade them to upgrade causes a massive inconvenience and displeasure for users. Besides, their additional service is quite pricey. One more serious problem is that the company has utilized sexually- explicit, inappropriate advertising practices which have absolutely repelled several customers. The terrible attack on GoDaddy’s DNS server in 2013 also left thousands of customers being harmful to ransomware.


Our top 5 websites to buy domain names above is just our subjective opinion, but we do hope it can help you have a deeper knowledge of several types of hosting services. We believe each of them has their own benefits and it is obvious that there is no service perfect so the point is you should consider carefully and choose the most suitable site to buy domain names for your web.