Meta: Cloud hosting has been growing in popularity recently. When the usual shared web hosting does not make things clear, it is time to find a Cloud hosting provider.


Cloud hosting is usually chosen by big companies or websites which have a high volume of traffic and constantly undergo huge traffic spikes. Thanks to its convenience and suitable cost, it is well-liked among website owners for the time being.
For web experts and web owners, finding a good Cloud hosting provider is really important and quite complicated sometimes because there are choices out there. We’re here to make that job less complex. The following is our top best Cloud hosting providers. Let’s check it out!

Top 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers

1. HostGator

Cloud hosting is not only made for major business. With HostGator, your website is able to load across numerous virtual servers, which help it more scalable and worth-trusting, but still simple to use and comes at affordable price.

For instance, the baseline Hatchling Cloud plan offers you a domain, 2 CPU cores, 2GB RAM, an unmetered bandwidth and a dedicated Varnish caching to increase the loading speed of static content. With just about $4.95 a month for three years upfront, you can step your foot into it.
If your requirement is higher, the top business Cloud plan is a better choice which gives you 2 CPU cores, 6GB RAM, limitless domains, a dedicated IP and private SSL. For this kind of service, in the first three years, you only need to pay $9.95 per month, after that you have to pay $17.95 monthly.
The main advantage of all Cloud hosting plans offered by HostGator is scalability. Just with one click of the mouth, your site can scale up to 8 CPU cores, 8GB RAM no matter how big the demand is. There is no more lag time or interruption during the process, as well.

Other advantages of those Cloud plans include deeper statistics, faster loading time and the capability of shifting your website to another server if there is something wrong with the hardware.

2. Cloudways

At first look, Cloud hosting service appears to be separated into two major parts: a technologic enterprise from IBM, Microsoft or Amazon, and typical and friendly products from hosts.
Cloudways acts on a fascinating middle path. A managed Cloud hosting from some big names like Amazon, Google, Linode, Kyup, and DigitalOcean is given if you choose this provider. It brings great features and performance to your websites.
Cloudways’ ThunderStack embraces all of your core performance requirements: Memcached, MySQL/ MariaDB, Redis, Varnish Cache, etc. With it, developers will have the back-up, restore, a collaboration team and one-click cloning, not to mention over 25 data centers located all over the world.

Although Cloudways has good functionality, its services are still easy to work with and the costs are not expensive for small business. For 1 CPU core, 25GB storage, 1TB of bandwidth and 1GB RAM, you have to pay $10 monthly only. It is reasonable to have a trial one without any credit or commitment before choosing an actual one.

3. DigitalOcean

Despite the fact that Cloud hosting plans always contain blended resources from numerous equipment, most of them try their best to keep their clients away from the poor information. DigitalOcean is flexible, so you can change your plan by adding RAM, storage or CPU cores.
DigitalOcean’s cost is an outstanding benefit compared to other providers. You only pay for the resources you utilize hourly or monthly. There are thousands of free features, such as Cloud firewall, while others are based on very easy-to-understand pricing rules. For example, Backups accounts for 20% of the cost of the virtual machine while Snapshots price is $0.05 per gigabyte monthly.

For some developers and users who have a big demand or system admins, DigitalOcean is highly dedicated. But if you are interested in hosting a scalable WordPress site, it is some kind of too much. Wanna research more? Please visit the DigitalOcean’s official website to have more details.

4. Bytemark Cloud

Established in 2002, Bytemark is a Cloud hosting company based in the UK. It has utilized open source software to design its own public system.

This in-door hosting provider gives several uncommon benefits. It takes control everything, from setting up, conducting PHP, Perl, MySQL, Ruby on Rails to supporting you format your firewall, backups, and spam rules.
Besides, Bytemark allows experienced clients to control their account through a command line customer or via some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The price is quite suitable: $14 for the baseline specification containing 1 CPU core, 25GB storage, 1GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth, and an Ipv6 address. In case you want more, there are some upgrades for you to choose from: $20 per over 1TB of traffic, $2.8 per 10GB storage, and $10 per 1GB RAM. Especially you only have to pay $1.4 to own a Window license for 1GB of memory.

Every Cloud hosting service from Bytemark is amazingly flexible. You can design your servers with various choices of configuration, from 1 to 16 CPU cores, 1 to 180GB RAM, 1 to 8 separated disks –either with speedy SSD or slow-speed storage.

You can enjoy a trial version lasting for 7 days or spend $70 to have more experience in this provider.

5. 1&1

Thanks to the combination of flexibility, scalability and great performance, 1&1 has well-known as a powerful provider offering thousand of good products.
For small businesses, a single CPU core, 1GB RAM, and 50GB storage cost $14 monthly. For bigger businesses, 16 CPU cores, 48GB RAM and 500 GB storage costs $488 per month.

The most beneficial feature of 1&1 is probably its Cloud hosting Flex package. It not only allows customers to change the demands of cores, RAM and storage, or add up to 99 servers for the same contract, but it’s also really quick on billing. And you only have to pay for what you actually use.
The price begins at $31.20 monthly including management fee. A trial version is given to you in 30 days without any long-term contract.


With the list of top Cloud hosting providers above, we hope you have more information to consider which partner should you choose to work with. Our list is not perfect because the top Cloud hosting providers are picked by us – pretty personal.

We always look forward to receiving comments and replies from you. Anyway, we appreciate your time reading this article and wish your business run smoothly as you expected.