Top Cloud Storage Free You Can’t Ignore

By John Wallace
Meta: The general criteria for most providers of this service are the fast, convenient and safe. The topic of this week, we are pleased to introduce to you the top 5 google cloud storage free noteworthy.

Today, the concept of free cloud storage service is no longer strange to us. However, the outbreak of numerous website offer this kind of services make the user for a selection headache. Previously, users often use USB, memory card or hard drive as an option to backup data when required. Currently, the form Google cloud storage free "is being considered as a preferred alternative one, this model is more and more users trust and widespread use

Top cloud storage services free you cannot ignore

1. OneDrive

Free hosting: 5 GB
OneDrive is a file hosting service operated by Microsoft, can say One Drive also little "cousin" to the platform of Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Currently, OneDrive hosting services have been integrated into each account Hotmail, Outlook (Microsoft Mailbox services) since the user created/
OneDrive  is integrated into Windows and Windows phone devices.
OneDrive also has the relationship of extreme "intimate" with Microsoft Office. Accordingly, OneDrive incorporated some very useful tasks, such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint Online OnlineOnline. These options support users to create, customize, edit the content and interface with features similar to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Even the file, the text is the original Editor on the PC and then uploaded OneDrive can also easily edit fast, very convenient. You can easily access the data warehouse OneDrive via any PC or mobile device would, of course, is that device must be connected to the internet. In addition, Microsoft has also released the software OneDrive on pretty much for mobile operating systems like Android, iOS or WindowsPhone ...


  • • Integrated depth on Windows 8 (or later) and WindowsPhone.
  • • Storage capacity is quite large, up to 15 GB.
  • • Supports very good features editor, edit and store documents on the onedrive.


  • • This service is only used in the perfect duo onedrive - Windows.
  • • The cumbersome when onedrive be integrated more other Microsoft services (Outlook, Xbox Live ...)

2. Dropbox

Free storage: 2GB

Currently, the software Dropbox (Android version) has long been the king when compared with other carriers embankment if the number is calculated separately Download and install the most. It has been around for quite some time, but the attraction of Dropbox has not dropped compared to the competition.

Simple interface inside a web-based Dropbox account.

The simplicity of the design style of the site and even the Dropbox software interface are evaluated is very intuitive, easy to use. Dropbox support operations "drag" and "drop" is very simple as what you need to do is select and hold contents to be stored from the Desktop and then drag and drop into the Dropbox website. Can see, Dropbox matching user object lot like the simple capital, reduction


  • •Convenient,easy to use.
  • • Supports multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android ...)


  • •low storage capacity only 2 GB
  • • Simplicity "excessive" deficits led to a few basic features the need to manage data on Dropbox.

3. Google Drive

Free storage:15GB

Google Drive users and experts in technology seen as a repository of the most comprehensive online today. Received the support incredibly solid from the "big" Google, Google Drive certainly took countless technological devices, especially cellular network as long as they use the services related to Google typical Android and Gmail.

Google Drive external storage functions also support many extended features quite convenient for the user.
To enable the use of the Google Drive service is also very simple, if you already have an account from Google, you just visit the website that can enable hosting service to use this data. Google Drive can support access and edit documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. To be able to manage or use Google Drive, you just need a device that is connected to the internet, log on to the website Google Drive is already usable. In addition, Google Drive apps are available in the two most popular operating systems today are Android and iOS.


  • • Integrated into Chrome OS and Android
  • • Storage capacity up to 15 GB sizable
  • • Support features editor, edit files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint.


Because deeply integrated into devices that use Google services. Some features may "accidentally" be activated. Typically your Android phone update from inside the machine images to Google Drive.

4. BOX

Free storage:10GB.

But also the type of cloud storage services but Box to target user object segment "entrepreneur" separate. Service Box is quite popular and is known to have high-security mechanisms, support and custom interventions into how the exchange of information of account holders against other individuals.

Box interface is simple but demonstrated professionalism, style-oriented design to business users.
In more detail, Box users more customization as to decide typical object to be viewed, downloaded to use or modify the content of each is selected. Users can also set a password for each file, set limits on the timeshare for each folder ... In addition, Box also supports some basic features such as Microsoft Office and similar Adobe Lightroom very convenient for quick editing right on the Box.


  • • A lot of security options and how to share data.
  • •The storage capacity of 10 GB is quite large.
  • •Good support features editor, edit pictures online.


  • • How to use, manage and share data is confusing, not suitable for object use common forms.


Free storage capacity: 50 GB.

Although limit per upload or download is only 10 GB per 30 minutes, the online storage service MEGA remains one of the services provided free storage capacity very large, up to 50 GB. MEGA is built to store and share. However, MEGA has a drawback that its web interface lacks some advanced tools offered by rivals from the larger companies.

6. Sync

Storage FREE: 5 GB.

Sync emphasis on security with backup safety system as well as easy sharing features. This application provides mobile applications, and tools standard synchronize desktop folders with memory online "Vault" are available at competitive prices.
Through the article, we can see that in terms of capacity, the MEGA services cloud storage online cost most loving, not only free of 50 GB a month that just takes an extra £ 5 for 1 TB / month. However, you can also refer to the security and reliability of other services to the fairest comparison.

Through the article, we can see that in terms of capacity, the MEGA services cloud storage online cost most loving, not only free of 50 GB a month that just takes an extra £ 5 for 1 TB / month. However, you can also refer to the security and reliability of other services to the fairest comparison.