Five Best Websites for Cheap Domain Name Registration

By John Wallace
Meta: If you need to register for cheap domain names and you have not yet known how to do, please have a look at the following list of the five best websites for cheap domain name registration.

More and more businesses have realized that they need to increase their presence on the Internet by registering for domain names. With newly-established firms, using cheap domain name registration services is an optimal finance saving method.

In this piece of writing, we would like to introduce you the five best websites for cheap domain name registration.

Why is it necessary to consider when choosing cheap domain name registration places?

Most internet users find suppliers for their domain name and web hosting registration. Although there is not a rule that internet users have to register for domain names and web hosting at a same supplier, they should choose the best one for each. If you find a good hosting supplier and another domain name provider, let it go on. It will ensure the security in case someone has the access authority for your hosting account, your domain name will remain safe.

Choosing cheap domain name registration suppliers will significantly affect your long-term development. If you are able to find a place with the most reasonable prices and the best services and support, you will register for the cheapest and best domain name and vice versa, if you wrongfully choose unreliable domain name suppliers, you cannot satisfied with your decision while the websites’ security cannot be ensured.

We would like to introduce you the five best websites for cheap domain name registration, which will provide you with the best and high-quality services at the lowest prices.

Five best websites for cheap domain name registration

1. GoDaddy

“Father of domain name registration” – that seems to be what they want to say. GoDaddy is the most controversial domain name supplier worldwide. GoDaddy somehow managed to retrive their reputation after a big failure in 2012. GoDaddy provides low-cost domain names at $1.99 per year each. But in fact, it costs users a hidden fee of $10-$15 per annually for the following years. GoDaddy is regarded as the world’s leading domain name supplier. So you should consider their services.


With the prices for .com domains beginning at $9.99 per year each, is a cheap domain name supplier, besides being a free domain name provider. This is a popular choice for domain name registration. With .mobi domain names worth $2.99 each and .net, .org domain names worth $8.99 each, provides some of the most worth-buying domain names. Currently, supplies such payment instruments as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

3. is one of the cheapest domain registration providers with the highest industrial standards. provides such domain names as .com, .net, and .org with prices starting at $10.99 per year. does not provide the cheapest services, but they have diversified price plans and customer assistance services. also supplies a service named “Domain Nabber” to collect expired domain names relating to you or your work. Expired domain names will have higher prices. With this feature, you can buy expired domain names and repurchase at higher prices.

4. Namecheap

Namecheap is another choice for cheap domain name registration. Namecheap provides .com domain at $10.69 per year each, .net and .org domain names at $11.48 each per year. Their basic services are all excellent and you can receive a free hosting with special features. The only extra fee is an 18 U.S. cents per year for ICANN service registration. Namecheap well-known for its racing with Twitter and Facebook, in which they offer the cheapest domain names at certain times. Namecheap is also regarded as one of the best alternatives for GoDaddy’s services.


The Germany-based website offers over 19 million domain names and 70 servers at the same time. 1and1 is now favored by many users thanks to its advantages such as various payment instruments (Visa/MasterCard/PayPal), big promotion programs suitable for those wanting to buy cheap domain names, and free DNS and Whois Privacy. If you are a newbie in the website, hosting, and WordPress field, is an ideal place for you to experience free hosting.

Notes for choosing a good domain name supplier

  • -          Carefully consider domain names’ prices and quality
  • -          Making sure that you are using services from providers registered with ICANN
  • -          Checking hidden extra fees and fees for moving, releasing
  • -          Checking whether you received an email or email exchange account
  • -          Consider extra services as free protection
  • -          Checking policies on domain name moves. For example, many suppliers such as GoDaddy do not allow you to move to other domain names outside GoDaddy’s services within 60 days.

So have you decided on which supplier to register for domain names? If you are using other cheap domain name registration services, please let us know via comments.