What Are Cloud Services And Why Do You Need Them?

By John Wallace
Meta: What is the cloud? Why do you need cloud services? They’re some questions you've probably heard or asked yourself. Let’s our post help you answer them!


No more worrying about the cost of infrastructure investments such as enterprise hardware (servers, storage systems, etc.). cloud services will be an excellent low-cost alternative because all you need now is a computer or a tablet with an Internet connection. And of course, you have to pay a certain fee each month, but it’s not expensive in most cases.
In this article, we’ll find out what exactly cloud services are and why we need them!

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is defined by IBM as the provision of computing resources to users, based on an Internet network. That resource can be anything related to computing such as network infrastructure, software or hardware, etc.

Before the cloud computing age, what we have is what we must do themselves and make our own money to invest from start to finish. For example, if you want to manage the turnover of a family store and you need to save data, you must buy a hard drive and accounting software, then install it on your computer.
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But things don’t stop there. You have other bills to pay after that, which are called the “maintenance” fee. For example, if the hard drive of your computer is damaged, you must repair or replace it. In order to avoid the risk of data loss, you need to backup your data regularly, especially important data that needs to be periodically copied for very long-term usage. This will be expensive, obviously!

To you, the problems might not be complicated. But in fact, you have to invest much money and effort. To enterprises, the cost of "maintenance" will be huge because they not only use a lot of software such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint but also complex and expensive management systems. Not mention to the need for an IT staff to take care of the maintaining, to test, install, configure, secure and update the system. Imagine how much money you must pay for hundreds of apps that your business is using!

What Is Cloud Service?

In a business model that uses a software as a service (SaaS), users – after hiring the cloud service – are given access to the database. cloud providers manage the infrastructure and platforms on which the database-management application runs. SaaS is sometimes referred to an "on-demand software" and often priced on a pay-per-use basis. SaaS providers typically set prices for applications using a subscription fee.
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To make it simple to understand, SaaS is a kind of software that runs on the web background and can be accessed remotely (via computers, smartphones, etc.). As a user, you will pay monthly for this software service. The cost is usually much smaller than the expense that your company have to invest in everything, from operation and maintenance.

For example, when using mail SaaSs such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Outlook, you don’t need the mail management server, but can immediately use those services to send and receive emails for your business.

Similarly, OneDrive and Dropbox are also SaaSs. They provide you with all the essential features so that you can upload data and retrieve data. cloud services, like Google Docs or Microsoft Online, are also well-known SaaSs. And they’re free of charge.

The biggest advantage of SaaSs is that all the issues and technical burdens that help them work well will be handled by the service provider, from making sure the server system is running well to maintaining. You only buy them and use them without worrying about the maintenance.

Why Do You Need Cloud Services?

Benefits of Service Software

  • * Process Improvement: Putting IT systems into the process to improve existing business become easier and more convenient.
  • * Automation: With the help of IT, you can automate the process, save costs, increase efficiency and focus more on the work that brings the greatest value.
  • * Low Investment Costs: With SaaS, you can almost start using at any time, instead of having to wait for enough money to start building your own software.
  • * Business Intelligence: Gives you thorough knowledge insights about your business activities.
  • * And more …

Benefits of Cloud Services

Cost Savings

The biggest benefit of using cloud services is the cost savings. They reduce the cost of initial infrastructure investment, purchasing hardware, software, maintenance, installation, operation, and so on.

Thanks to these conveniences, you can quickly use something without complicated installation. Or you can quickly access them wherever there is the Internet available without being dependent on any the hardware or software.

Data Protection

Have you ever think about your hard drive that will be damaged one day. That time, you will know how much benefit that Dropbox or OneDrive will bring to you: It saves your data. If your hard drive is unluckily damaged, you may lose data (unless that data has been backed up to a different hard drive). Everything will be better if you use Dropbox, OneDrive to save your data.
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One of the most important thing that cloud services do for you is that they often backup data. Unfortunately, if your hard drive has problems or is damaged, it will be replaced by the cloud service provider. As a result, your data will not be lost.


Talking about the benefits of cloud services, we cannot ignore the factor of data security. If you lose your laptop which contains sensitive data of your company, the damage to your company will be very big. Nothing bad will happen if you use the cloud service to save the data; it will be safe with your management from the online account.


The above are several issues related to cloud services as well as the benefits that we’ll have when using them. If you are a person who likes cloud technology or you are hiring cloud services, it will be very useful for you to learn more about cloud services or find out to know how to choose the right cloud service provider.