Meta: Google has invested billions of dollars in building huge data centers to deliver their Cloud services. But what do you know about Google Cloud services, let’s find out!


Since the humble release of Google App Engine in 2008, Google has developed their Google Cloud platform into one of the most famous and popular Cloud computing platforms in the market these days. To help you have a better understanding of Google Cloud services, we've put together some basic information about Google Cloud services in this comprehensive post. Let’s get started!

Overview of Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud services are built to distribute the required information based on writing, reading and opening instructions. They consist of clusters which coordinate the data requests based on the master server (each cluster has a master server). The Information interaction (data stored in the Cloud) is encrypted into a data request. The simple data requests can be stored as a new file in the Cloud database.
Each user acts as a client. When the master server receives the data requested from the client, it will send this information to another Google system, which is called chunkserver. Chunkserver contains the data request; it will be sent back to the client without going through the master server. At the same time, Google will back up that data.

Google is having millions of users who use their services as essential tools at work. So, investing in multiple servers is extremely important. Google has to ensure that their system is always available by remaining the stabilization of the operation to serve millions of users. If one of the servers has problems, it will be promptly replaced and thus, don’t affect others.

Some Popular Google Cloud Services

1. Google Cloud Print 

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With Google Cloud Print, it is unnecessary to connect your computer to a printer directly (using wires, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). That’s because this service allows you to print your data via the Internet, no matter how far you’re from your printer.

How to use Google Cloud Print?

To use Google Cloud Print, you will need:
  • * A software, an application or a webpage that is compatible with Google Cloud Print service.
  • * A Google account
  • * A printer that is connected to a computer (with an Internet connection) or a Cloud-ready printer.

How does it work?

When a printing command is placed by you, it’ll be sent to the Google master server. Depending on the kind of the printer that you declare (in your Google account), Google will send this command to that printer.

In case you register multiple printers (unlimited to the number of printers), you need to specify which printer you will print your files. You can also share the Google Cloud Print service with other users if you cannot print out the files.

Where to buy Cloud-ready printers?

At present, most printers are integrated with this feature. In order to use Google Cloud Print, users need a computer connected to the printer. There is no need for installing Google Cloud Print.

3. Google Cloud Docs 

Files such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel are uploaded to the Internet using the Google Docs service. When a user works on a computer (with a network connection), Google Docs will be converted through the Google Cloud Docs utility toolbar (integrated into the Microsoft Office suite) to synchronize the documents in your personal computer.
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To overcome this challenge, Google Cloud Docs has teamed up with the Microsoft Office by combining the Cloud computing and the applications. Nơ you can upload your files to the Cloud. Each file has a unique URL which is its address. Once authorized, you can be able to view and edit it.
When you edit or change the content of the document, it will be visible to everyone. If multiple people make the same change, the Google Cloud Docs will let you choose one of them to do so.

How to make this change?

When you upload a document to Google Cloud Docs, the service will insert some metadata into the file. Metadata is responsible for controlling the modified versions, to ensure consistency with the master files.

How does Google Cloud Connect work?

Basically, Google Cloud Docs is the set of Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, Drawing, etc. These files are created and stored on Google's servers.
  • * Internet Connection Requirement: Once you use Google Docs, all tasks are performed online. Luckily, if the internet connection has problems, Google will automatically save the data. So, you won’t lose your data.
  • * Data Sharing: When using Google Docs, you can easily share your data with others simply by adding the email addresses of other. If you assign permissions to them, they can make the edit to the files.
  • * Revision History: This is an interesting feature of Google Docs, which will give you detailed information about the changes of the last edits.

3. Google Play Music

To fix the problem of old-fashioned music players, Google Play Music is not only where you can enjoy your favorite songs, but it also has a very simple and stylish music playing interface. Now, you can listen to music anytime, anywhere with Google Play Music.
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If you are using FLAC files, you can upload all of your favorite songs to the Google Play service. It supports MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, etc. format compatible with all operating systems.

The complete list of services is pretty long that we cannot remember them all. The following is some other Google Cloud services that you might need:

Google App Engine
Google Cloud Datastore
Google Cloud Translation API 
Google Cloud Bigtable
Google Cloud Functions
Google Cloud IoT Core
Google Cloud Job Discovery
Google Cloud Spanner
Google Cloud SQL
Google Cloud Test Lab
Google BigQuery Service
Google Cloud CDN
Google Cloud Datalab
Google Cloud Dataproc
Google Stackdriver

Hopefully, this article has shown you some basic information about Google Cloud services. Thank you for reading!