10 Tips Before You Buy A Domain Name

By John Wallace
Meta: There is a wide range of factors you should seriously consider before buying a domain name. Here we give you top 10 tips that you must read!

One of the most important things, when you run an online business, is about buying a website domain. A website domain directly impacts your targeted customers and search engines. Do not focus too much on the fads and trends recently, just choose the one which benefits your business the most and of course, is convenient for your users.

To help you go through the complicated process of finding a profitable domain name, we note down some tips that you should read before making any buying decision in the following section. Let’s scroll down to learn more!

Consider Carefully to Choose a Good Registrar

There are thousands of service suppliers who offer domain sign-ins. So, the point is to choose the one which is the most suitable for your website. But thing is not easy just like that, not every service provider has an actual ICANN approved registrar. This will be hard for you to change your hosting provider and might stop you from doing advanced configurations as your website grows.
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 The top two accredited registrars are GoDaddy and Google. GoDaddy is the best place to choose a domain name. It is easy to handle, cheap and allows purchasing expiring domains.
WARNING: If you decide to bundle the website domain in your annual hosting subscription instead of choosing a registrar, get ready to face some difficulties in moving your domain when you want to widen your business.

Register the Website Domain Name for 3- 5 Years

If you have decided to run a business, then sign up the domain for a long term.  The cost you pay for the company will increase depending on how many times you register for the website. So, in order to save money, you should sign up for 3 or 5 years. It also renews the domain and updates your credit card information when there are something changes when you register for a long-term

You Should Say Yes to Domain Privacy Protection

When you sign up for a domain, there must be some kinds of information like your address, email, telephone number, etc., … dedicated to that website and they will be publicly visible by default. If you pay the additional fee for the security, the registrar will hide your personal information. This will help you so much in the future; for example, it will prevent a high amount of emails, social engineering, phishing attacks and phone calls.

Set Your New Domain as Non-www Instead of www

It is quite ridiculous that if you have a new domain, most online tutorials will suggest you to install the DNS as: HTTP: //www.abc.com. Nevertheless, for a new brand campaign, the best choice for a long run should be: HTTP: //abc.com
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The trend must be mobile phone friendly, not to mention that many users are too lazy to type “www”. Therefore, setting your domain name as non-www will reduce page load time on direct traffic and decrease the number of errors that might happen.

Create a Very Safe Password and Keep It in Your Mind or Save It Somewhere You Never Lose

There is a bunch of terrible stories about people stealing passwords and hacking domain for ransom. Many of these are social engineering hacks. Those actions are totally illegal, but it is quite difficult and costly for us to find out the criminal. Therefore, you should keep your password safe in case of something bad happen.

Get an HTTPs Certificate

You can have an HTTPs certificate through the registrar or sometimes through your web host. You also need to build a website that accommodates SSL/TLS to use the advantages of the HTTPs.
Get Some Pages of the Website Set Up Today Instead of Waiting 6 Months

Do not stop sitting on the new domain for 6 months. You should set up at least one-page website with your information today. After buying the domain, you should install at least one-page with your contact details, a description of your business and several images.

Do Not Waste Your Money

A domain name normally costs about $8-$30 dollars a year to buy. A bunch of popular phrases are sold or already taken for thousands of dollars. Depending on how much money you want to keep for your marketing budget, feel free to show off. But if you are a small enterprise, it is going to be the work you put into branding and creating great content assets your site online and offline that will be the actual success story.

Register a Domain Name for the Site Instead of 10 or 20

Do not stick to the trouble of registering numerous domain names and misspellings. This is not where you have to put your budget at the early stages of constructing your online presence. When you become bigger and people start to feed off of your brand’s achievement, this will be reasonable.

Do Not Reinvent the Wheel

If you are registering a domain name to run your business as an online store, consider the first existing marketplaces to build background. Amazon, eBay, Etsy are some examples of incredible places to sell your product.

Hopefully, our tips above have helped you have a clear insight into how to buy a profitable domain name. Feel free to leave your comment below if you have any question to ask us. Thank you for reading!