A Comprehensive Guide to Google Cloud Functions

By John Wallace
Meta: In the booming era of the Internet, Google cloud plays a crucial role in helping users increase their reputation and catch up with the world’s developing pace.  So what are the Google cloud functions? Let’s learn about it right now.


One of the most popular trends regularly mentioned by IT specialists and businesses at present is Google cloud. Google cloud has been developed quickly and strongly in recent times despite facing risks, proving its importance in businesses’ development. So what are Google cloud functions?

What is Google cloud? Why is it mentioned frequently by many people?

Google cloud is simply the Internet. Traditional computing requires users to run their programs via a server or a personal computer installed at a near distance, for example within a building. However, with Google cloud, all these activities happen in “cloud,” which is the Internet.
Google cloud is become more and more popular, making huge changes in ways firms doing businesses. According to a recent survey involving over 1,800 IT specialists, the demands for applying Google cloud in setting up services and applications account for just 52%. The demands for transferring traditional computing to Google cloud are similar between small and big businesses. These demands are getting higher in small- and medium-sized businesses thanks to its cost-saving feature.

Of course, we cannot deny risks related to reliability and security of products and services provided via Google cloud. However, Google cloud is developing continuously, along with big discount programs, which makes the competition between businesses fiercer and fiercer.

Google cloud’s functions in businesses’ development

Google cloud is becoming more and more popular at an incredible rate. The transferring between the traditional computing and Google cloud is of course within the common development trends. Businesses which are unable to catch up with the trend will face risks of being removed. So what benefits does Google cloud bring businesses?

Cut costs

With Google cloud, businesses may reduce or cut initial investment capital as they do not need to install onsite data center (server, software, hardware, equipment degradation, etc.). In addition, the power used for running and cooling servers will be reduced, contributing to the environmentally friendly feature.

With the decrease in the investment capital, no requirements for onsite data center installment and maintenance, firms can use the capital for other projects in need and have more time for their core business activities.

Everytime, everywhere access

Data can be easily stored, downloaded, recovered, and treated with one or several clicks. Users can access their accounts on their moving, 24/7, via any equipment and in any locations as long as you are connected to the Internet. Moreover, all upgrade and update are carried out automatically, which cut time and efforts of maintaining system and reduce the workload for IT workers.

Infinite transferring capability

Google cloud has a wide range of applications categorized based on features as follows:
  • - Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • - Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Users can also create their own cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud to decide the location of their virtual data centers. Google cloud provides customers with various apps with infinite transferring capability based on businesses’ financial capacity.

High adaptation capability

Besides the infinite transferring capability, Google cloud may also adapt to all changes. For example, businesses may choose to increase the customer support number via websites from 2,000 people to 10,000 people per day in the promotion program for Christmas Day.

Another example, businesses may easily transfer from their own cloud to hybrid one or temporarily expand storage capacity with Google cloud.

Sustainable cooperation

Users can lose their directions when following a project because the discussion/negotiation has been confused as files had been sent and edited too many times.

With Google cloud, files are stored fixedly and synchronically, allowing users to access everywhere, creating a virtual space where users can discuss, share files, and receive immediate responses. This will boost the labor productivity, minimize risks, raise the customer’s satisfaction, and others.

High data security

As mentioned above, one of the risks of Google cloud is information security. Service providers must always ensure their systems to be protected and updated continuously via tightened verification. All activities via Google cloud are supervised and frequently examined by a third party to ensure the security standards.

Many outstanding points

Google cloud’s influence is becoming higher and higher and has yet to end. Notably, small- and medium-sized businesses and multi-national firms all have demands for using and transferring to Google cloud services.

With such benefits as fast services, time-saving, cost-saving, environmentally friendly, and sustainable cooperation, the application of Google cloud will boost your firm’s development further than those using traditional computing models.