How To host A Website Under WordPress

By John Wallace
Meta: To set up a website using WordPress source code, you need to have a web hosting besides a domain name to store data. In this piece of writing, we would like to give suggestions on how to host a website under WordPress format for starters to buy web hosting easily.


The demands for using websites under WordPress format is getting higher and higher. To make your website run smoothly, you need to know how to host a website besides domain names. In this piece of writing, we would like to give you some notes when considering buying web hosting under WordPress format so that you can make the best decision.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting has many meanings, but in terms of information and technology, it means server. It is a two-way accessible server which can receive connection and send connection out, also called web server. It can store data related to websites such as source code, uploaded data (images, media, etc.) and database (data appearing when you use WordPress such as post, page, and tag).
But it does not mean that you will own a full computer when you hire web hosting. There are three main types of web hosting, which are:
  • Dedicated Server: you hire a web server and have full rights to use it. It is suitable for big websites with hundreds of thousands of viewers every day.
  • Virtual Private Server: you hire a web server which is set up by a dedicated server. You have full rights to use it but with lower effectiveness. It is suitable for websites which have the viewership of 8,000 to 100,000 per day.
  • Shared Web Hosting (Web hosting):it is established by a dedicated server or a virtual private server and is equipped with necessary apps to work with websites. You should use this type of web hosting right now as it has the lowest cost and easy-to-use.

Which requirements does a web hosting need to satisfy to run a website under WordPress format?

To run a website under WordPress format smoothly, your web hosting has to satisfy such requirements as using Linux operating system, equipped with PHP 5.3 or above and MySQL 5.0 or above.

These are the basic requirements, there are also many other ones, but we would not list them here to avoid wasting your time. Because your website will run smoothly if you buy web hosting from providers suggested as following.

Popular types of web hosting

1. Free Hosting: 

Free web hosting allows you to register for a free web hosting package. It is often searched by those wanting to learn about web building or those yet to have enough money to hire their own web hosting.

Pros: you will own an absolutely web hosting on the Internet and you do not have to pay monthly fees for building websites.

Cons: free web hosting does not support additional domain names, offers few resources, low speed, poor security, outdated configuration, and sometimes requires users to hang advertisements on their websites.

2. Shared Hosting: 

shared hosting does not mean that others share web hosting with you. It means that web hosting packages (both free and fee-paying ones) use same resources such as RAM, CPU, disk storage space, bandwidth, and others. And of course, shared hosting packages are installed on a dedicated server.

This is the most popular website and is usually used as the official web hosting for small- and medium-sized websites. If you visit blog, you will see some articles about A2Hosting, AZDIGI, or StableHost. They are shared hosting services. If you are a new website builder, you had better use this type of web hosting.

  • -It is easy to use as it always has a control panel. Everyone can use it after just around two hours
  • -Users will receive assistance from technical workers whenever errors or incidents happen
  • -It is cheap, at around $2-$12 per month
  • -A shared hosting package can be used for many websites
  • -It is equipped with necessary software to run websites. You just need to buy shared hosting and set up WordPress source code
  • -Users will enjoy high-speed services if they buy shared hosting packages of reliable providers.
  • -Some providers limit the number of resources, CPU, bandwidth, or data storage space
  • -It is not fully protected. Because you use the same server with others, your website will be affected if other websites on the server are attacked.
  • -It sometimes suffers downtime which makes the websites inaccessible
  • -It is suitable for only small- and medium-sized websites with a viewership of between 0 and 5,000 per day.

3. Virtual Private Server: 

If your website uses the resources exceeding the allowed level of shared hosting services, you should consider virtual private server.

Virtual Private Server has the same functions as shared hosting services as it is also set up on a dedicated server. But it is provided with a certain amount of resources for users to use independently. Users’ websites will not be affected by others on the same server.

Shared hosting is equipped with the operating system and relevant apps to run websites. But the virtual private server is not, excepting for such operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Server, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, etc. (you can choose the operating system yourself). Some virtual private server providers currently support customers to reinstall operating systems when problems or faults happen.

The average price of a virtual private server package is now at $15-$300 per month.

  • -Users will enjoy high-speed services as they are not affected by other websites
  • -It has high-level security as it is impacted by others
  • -Users can adjust settings on the server by themselves to run websites better
  • -Users can install as many software as they want. 
  • -Users need to have knowledge of network management and its operating mechanism
  • -If users cannot manage the networks themselves, the costs for the network management are quite high at $45-$100 per month
  • -Users will take the full responsibility for the data on the server if you do not use services supporting backup virtual private server. 
Some outstanding virtual private server services: SSD virtual private server at AZDIGI, DigitalOcean, Linode, A2Hosting virtual private server, Site5 virtual private server.

4. Dedicated Server: 

dedicated server is a high-end choice for big websites demanding more resources than the virtual private server. A dedicated server provides users with more authority, abundant resources, and better security.

A dedicated server package now costs at least $100 per month and may be up to several thousands of US dollars.

  • -It is suitable for websites with huge viewership
  • -It offers abundant resources
  • -Users can install operating systems and software they want
  • -It is fully protected. 
  • -It is hard-to-use for amateur users
  • -Users have to manage server themselves. The server management costs are half of server hiring costs
  • -Users will take responsibility for their data
  • -It costs much. 
Some outstanding dedicated server services:
  • -OVH: it is cheap and good but suitable only if you do not any technical support
  • -ImmotionHosting: it has a strong configuration, high-speed connection, and excellent support
  • -Online.Net: the service is ok but customer support services are not good.

5. Cloud Hosting: 

this web hosting service has been used popularly in recent years. It fixes some disadvantages of virtual private server and dedicated server and increases the use effectiveness.

Cloud Hosting is a network of many computers in a cloud, which allows users to access them at once. Precisely, many computers “gather” and provide resources to users.

Currently, most cloud hosting models are applied to building cloud virtual private server and cloud dedicated server, not shared hosting. The price for a cloud hosting package is now at $5-$500 per month.

  • -Users enjoy more resources
  • -Users can cut costs. Users will pay fees depending the time they use services, for example $0.002 per hour. When you do not use the services, you may turn off to cut costs
  • -It takes a shorter time for customers to start the server and it can be done automatically
  • -Users can delete the services if they do not use them anymore
  • -Users are fully authorized as in virtual private server and dedicated server
  • -Users can receive support from data centers worldwide.
  • -The service price is quite high as it includes network management fees
  • -It is not suitable for newbies
  • -It depends on the cloud. If the cloud is offline, you will be offline, too
  • -Users cannot receive full support due to the huge system, which takes technicians much time to provide support
  • -Users’ data is not stored in a certain data center, so users cannot make sure that their data is fully protected.
Some outstanding websites for cloud hosting: Amazon S3, RackSpace, Heroku, Linode, DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, and Google App Engine.

6. WordPress Managed Hosting: 

While the above-mentioned web hosting services allow users to run any website source code and self-manage, WordPress Managed Hosting does not. This is a high-end web hosting service designed only for WordPress to gain the highest effectiveness.

This means every setting inside server and software is corresponding with WordPress at the highest level so that your website management will be safer and faster. It also takes the responsibility for server management and security for your websites.

  • -It is correspondingly at the highest level with WordPress
  • -Users enjoy high-speed services
  • -It has a high level of security, including anti-DDoS and Malware
  • -It has a strong configuration
  • -Users receive comprehensive support related to WordPress technical problems 
  • -Each service package is limited in terms of viewership
  • -The service price is quite high (minimum at $20 and maximum at $20,000 per month)
Some outstanding WordPress Managed Hosting services: WPEngine, MediaTemplateWordPress Managed, Synthesis,, WordPress VIP, and Flywheel (for developers).

How to host a website?

Do not buy web hosting from domain name suppliers

The world’s leading and most reliable domain name suppliers such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, or NetworkSolutions also offer web hosting services, but these services’ quality is bad. Most of them do not have data centers for web hosting services. They build these services with the aim of making more benefits, but their focus is still domain names.

If you are planning to buy web hosting services, you had better choose suppliers specializing in the field. Such suppliers as GoDaddy and Namecheap are the better choices for domain names.

Do not believe in advertisements on Facebook

In some groups on Facebook, you can see some advertisements about low-cost web hosting services with unlimited bandwidth, high-speed connection, three-month free services, and life-long support. But these are fake information and yet to be verified.

Reliable web hosting suppliers are able to carry out big promotion programs. They do not waste their time on such advertisements.

Do not buy services from individual providers

Web hosting is a “sensitive” service as it affects your businesses and information security. You had better buy web hosting services from big companies as you will receive full support from them.

Choose suitable data centers

Many web hosting providers support customers to choose data centers. If you know how to choose data centers, you will enjoy high-speed services without using domestic data centers.

Specifically, if you are allowed by providers, you should prioritize data centers in Asia such as those in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

If you are allowed to choose data centers from the U.S. only, you should prioritize those in Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, San Jose, Santa Clara, Houston, Texas, Dallas, Atlanta, and Georgia.

Another note, data centers in the U.S. prohibit users from uploading digital publications violating copyrights such as software, music, and film.

In Europe, you should prioritize data centers in Russia, Turkey, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden.

The copyrights issue is quite easy in Europe. That’s why Torrent services, including “sensitive” pages such as Wikileaks and Liveleak, install servers there.

Search before buying

You should search for reviews from those had used the services to avoid wasting time. You can easily search for reviews on foreign web hosting suppliers, especially via a famous and reliable forum named WebHostingTalk.

Learn about suppliers’ refund policies

Most shared hosting and managed hosting services have the refund policies of at least 30 days, and seven days virtual private server while most dedicated server and cloud hosting services do not have refund policies.

So if you are planning to buy web hosting services of a supplier, you should type “supplier’s name + refund” (for example MediaTemplate refund) on Google to search for information related to its refund policies.

If you are not satisfied with the services after you had bought them, send suppliers tickets requesting for the refund. They will turn off the services and refund the fees you had paid.

Linux and Windows Operating Systems

When choosing web hosting services to run websites under the format of WordPress, you should choose Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. They have the same technical structure but different operating systems.

WordPress runs smoothly on operating systems using Linux Hosting, but Windows. Web hosting services using Windows Hosting are able to run WordPress, but the process faces risks of suffering errors and not meeting the WordPress standards.

All the above-mentioned Shared Hosting services also use Linux Hosting for their operating systems.

If you buy the virtual private server and dedicated server, suppliers will ask you what operating systems you choose. In which they do not mention Linux or Windows, but CentOS (Linux), Ubuntu (Linux), Debian (Linux), Fedora (Linux), Windows server, etc.

Such names as CentOS, Ubuntu, etc. are operating systems. CentOS are most popularly used, so you should choose CentOS. Generally, when buying web hosting services for WordPress, you had better choose Linux.


We have just given you information on how to host a website. Hope that the information will be useful for you. If you have any questions, please leave comments here.