Make Worpress Web Hosting Comparison

By John Wallace
Meta: Web hosting services for WordPress have been booming continuously, of which, the three best web hosting providers are GoDaddy, A2 Hosting, and Hawk Host. If you are considering these three services, let’s make web hosting comparison to find out the best solutions for your websites.

WordPress is now favored by many people. There are many hosting services for WordPress with the most outstanding names being GoDaddy, A2 Hosting, and Hawhost. Before making a decision on which hosting package to register, you should make web hosting comparison for the most suitable choice.

Worpress web Hosting Comparison


This is not the best web hosting service but it is listed first as GoDaddy is a “cheap choice for newbies.”

GoDaddy provides a package with just $1 per month and a free domain name. Meanwhile, as normally, customers need to pay at least $7-$9 per year for a domain name.

This hosting service is suitable for newbies as GoDaddy has an easy-to-use interface and its website has a quite low viewership.
Perhaps GoDaddy is not a perfect choice to develop WordPress in the long term, but if you are a newbie, you should prioritize the simplification and reasonable prices. If compared with other hosting services of the same kind, GoDaddy does not have any outstanding points; it even has weaker points compared to other names such as Stablehost and Hawk Host. However, it is reasonable with such cheap prices and a free domain name.

Besides the $1-per-month package, GoDaddy also provides two other packages named Deluxe and Ultimate. However, we would like to advise you to buy and use the $1-per-month package as the two others cost much and are limited in terms of website number. If you can pay much for web hosting services, you had better consider the following two.

If your website’s viewership has not yet exceeded 20,000 per month, GoDaddy can absolutely meet the demand, regarding access speed and prices.

Stable Host 

You can pay more than $12 per month and want to have a better choice than GoDaddy, which is not limited in terms of domain names, data storage space, and bandwidth, and runs more stably? Stable Host is a good choice that is highly recommended by experts. So the service quality is obviously guaranteed.

Currently, Stable Host is offering a life-long 50% discount package. So if you want to buy this hosting service, you should buy now to enjoy the discount program.

Especially, since mid-2017, besides international servers, Stable Host has supported server installation in Singapore, which has a faster and stronger speed than others’. Below is Stable Host’s service price list (excluding discounts):
We can see that the shared hosting service prices of Stable Host are quite high, but if a 50% discount is included, the prices become low. At present, all shared hosting services of Stable Host are not limited in terms of data storage space and bandwidth.

Starter: You should not buy this package as it offers only one domain. It is not as good as GoDaddy’s $1-per-month package because this GoDaddy’s $1-per-month package provides a free domain while Stable Host does not.

Pro: This package is bought the most frequently as it is not limited in terms of website number, which means that if you want to build other website(s), you need to buy additional domain names only, not additional web hosting services.

Platinum: You should buy this package if your website has a huge viewership; otherwise, you should not.

You can use PayPal or VISA to pay for costs of Stable Host services. The payments and installation can be done quite easily.

Another outstanding point of Stable Host is its professional and enthusiastic customer support team. If you buy a hosting service installed on a weak server, you can send ticket requiring the team to change the server until it meets your demand.

Stable Host uses LiteSpeed Cache technology which helps your website load more quickly. Stable Host’s Control Panel is easy-to-use and integrated with many features such as SSL Let’s Encrypt and CloudFlare, which helps increase the security and speed of websites.

Hawk Host 

Many people are using web hosting services of provided by Hawk Host. Before Stable Host supported server installation in Singapore, it had already had locations in both Hong Kong and Singapore, which offers extremely high-speed services. Especially, servers in Hong Kong are rarely affected by cable broken cases.

Especially, Hawk Host allows customers to move their hosting services between these two locations until they are satisfied with the services.

Hawk Host’s hosting services are also supported with speed-optimized addons. The control panel is integrated with daily automatic backup (R1 Soft Backup), helping users restore data easily.
Hawk Host is a hosting service provider with servers installed in many countries, of which there are many locations helping increase the page loading speed such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

Hawk Host’s service prices are not too high, let’s have a look at the following price list:

Customers will have two options (i) a 40% discount for the first time buying services and (ii) a 30% life-long discount. Customers can choose whether to buy monthly packages or yearly packages.

For example, if choosing the first option (a 40% discount for the first time), customers will have to pay only $28.73 per year for hosting services excluding domain names (you should seek for discounts of domains in another supplier).

If you have a weak financial capability, you should choose GoDaddy with only $12 per year, which includes a free domain name.

If you want your website to run at a high speed and stably, you can use virtual private server (VPS) of A2 hosting with $5 per month excluding free domain names, as recommended by experts.

If you want a cheaper service than A2 with servers in Asia, you should consider Hawk Host with $28.73 per year excluding free domain names.

If you choose the first option, you will have a free domain name while you will have to buy domain names yourself if choosing the two remaining options. And don’t forget that you will receive many promotion programs when choosing the $1-per-month package from GoDaddy.

When registering to buy hosting services from A2 Hosting and Hawk Host, you will choose whether to buy a new domain name, change the domain name system (DNS) of the domain name supplier into the domain name of hosting service provider, or move the domain name of other hosting supplier to the domain name(s) of these two hosting providers.

This means that with A2 Hosting and Hawk Host, you are required to have an available domain name, or you will have to buy a new domain name costing around $10 per year from the hosting service provider when registering to buy hosting services.

So after making web hosting comparison, you have had an overview of this kind of service. You should consider the most suitable hosting package for your website to cut costs and gain the operational effectiveness.