Top 9 VPS And Reviews 2018

By John Wallace
When choosing the virtual private server renting services, you need to learn about the previous reviews for the services. To save your time, we would like to introduce top Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers and reviews 2018.


At present, investing in equipment and server serving the purposes of enterprises and organizations is becoming more and more popular. However, having a good choice of the data center which supplies high-quality and secured services is quite tough. In this piece of writing, we will help you to make a right decision of a prestigious VPS service provider through top VPS server and reviews 2018.
Server hosting service - VPS is a service providing installation infrastructure space, electrical systems, air conditioner and other relevant equipment, aiming to deploy information and technology (IT) systems in data centers, allowing Customers to have the entire rights to use and control system without investment, installation, and maintenance

Criteria to evaluate VPS server


Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational investment of the server hosting service providers (This criterion decides on whether the server investment is modern, perfect and able to serve customers optimally or not).
If you are a customer, you probably do not want to meet the circumstances that the provider’s system is at low-speed, there is software and hardware errors or failures frequently which they have to preserve and maintain. Therefore, when finding a high-standard server service provider, customers will get better service.

Server service packages

Frequently, the needs of customers are not similar; each customer often needs different resources for renting such as server hard disk space, RAM, chips matching with their performance.

And the enterprises also invest in diversifying leasing server services to meet the diverse needs of customers. It allows them to attract a large number of customers. Because none of the customers wants to choose a service at a high cost while his actual demand has not reached that level. It is a big waste of investment costs.

Customer care service

When we rent a server, besides the format under which we carry out the server renting act, the optimization of the service through the ability to care customers is essential.

All of your requirements and needs within your contract powers need handling by your staff quickly and comfortably when you use the service packages.

Information safety, confidentiality

The last criterion that perfects a server service package is information security.

The server system will often store a lot of valuable information of the customer. These information may be related to finance or security. As the task of a reputable provider, they need to have strategies and methods to help ensure the security of data packages stored in the server.

There will be a huge loss for the customers and the suppliers when the server data is lost due to server errors or more seriously, from hackers who regularly attack users’ data. You also need to pay attention to this advice to select or provide a perfect service.

The reputation of the service provider

The reputation and quality of the supplier you choose will significantly contribute to evaluating the quality of service. Selecting a vendor that is trusted by other customers will undoubtedly be more secure and quality.

Top 9 VPS server and reviews 2018

1. Vultr

VULTR is a good provider of Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPS offered by VULT has high-speed CPU at approximately 3.4GHZ and 100% SSD, which ensures the maximum capacity for your website(s). VULTR currently has datacenters in Japan.

Besides the package including VPS SSD, you can also choose the HDD. The HDD package is suitable for those who want to use VPS with high-capacity hard disk drive. The minimum capacity is 160GB, which costs $5 per month.

2. Linode

Like Vultr, Linode’s services will satisfy you as it has an excellent network and CPU E5-2680 which is stronger than others’, along with high-speed SSD.

Linode is a quite suitable choice for newbies of VPS as it is easy to register and has high-quality services with datacenters in Japan. Linode costs as same as the famous DigitalOcean, but it has more CPU than medium-segment packages. Besides, Linode has other alongside services such as Load Balancing, which helps you operate the selectivity easily without to many settings.

3. RamNode

RamNode was chosen as the most satisfied service provider by Low End Box’s viewers for both service quality and support. RamNode provides many kinds of VPS such as KVM, OpenVZ, and VPS using SSD and HDD. The services prices are various, starting from $15 per year for 128MB RAM. The prices are relatively higher than those of others in the list.

4. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is among the world’s leading VPS providers, with a fast growth rate recently. It is favored by many webmasters. With DigitalOcean, you can create as many VPS as you like as long as you have money in your account. When you do not want to use the VPS, you should destroy it to avoid wasting money. You can pay for the VPS creation via credits in your account. DigitalOcean currently has datacenter in Singapore.

5. Godaddy

Godaddy uses Control Panel for hosting Linux and Plesk for hosting windows, so it is easy for everyboday to use. Godaddy has high capacity, so you can run websites with high viewership using this web hosting service. Godaddy offers 100GB at $12 per year with unlimited bandwidth.

6. StableHost

StableHost provides high-quality services at reasonable prices. It use SSD cache, so your websites run at high speed. Hosting Control Panel and good support are other outstanding points of this service. StableaHost also offers unlimited bandwidth and the storage is various depending on the service packages.

7. Webhost

Webhost, under UK2Net – a corporation specializing in server and hosting, provides high-quality hosting services. If you use WordPress for your websites, it is a suitable provider. With the maximum prices of $12 per month, you will have unlimited storage and bandwidth.

8. Namecheap

Namecheap provides only two plans make it clear for you on what you are getting in each case. With only $16.60 per month on the annual plan, you can get 2GB RAM, two CPU cores, 40GB of storage, 1,000GB bandwidth and one dedicated IP.

If you need more dedicated IPs, for instance, you will not be required to upgrade to a new plan – Namecheap will add extra IPs to your product for only $2 each.

However, the service does not include a Control Panel license. Adding both of those capabilities will cost you an extra $41 a month.

Still, Namecheap provides some exceptionally configurable VPS products for users who know what they are doing. Even if you are a beginner, checking out the various options on offer here will help you understand the factors you need to think about when choosing a VPS provider.

9. DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost Web Hosting provide server hosting services that meet the most stringent standards on infrastructure and distance, where you can make peace of mind to choose to put your system.

In the process of doing businesses and providing the server service packages for the customers, DreamHost Web Hosting continuously improve the quality of the services through hardware upgrades, software enhancements, or faster and more efficient customer care services.

With the priorities of the interests of customers and prestige of enterprises, they always try their best to bring customers the cheapest and highest quality service packages to be worthy of one of the leading server providers in the world at present.

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