Meta: With the continuously growing of technology at present, every enterprise needs a colocation to store and share the data. However, it is very difficult to find out the best colocation. This following article will help you.


With a big data storage capacity and a quick and effective speed of handling problems, colocation is more and more favored by enterprises. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on buying colocation, enterprises can rent colocation to cut costs while ensuring every benefit. Thus, what is colocation?  Which are the criteria to rent the best colocation (server)?

What is colocation?

Colocation is a data center facility in which businesses, organizations, and individuals can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. The customers have the entire rights to use and manage their servers.

Advantages of colocation

Material advantages

Building installation renting places is extremely safe, normally the providers can lock cabinets and cages around the rack’s servers of each enterprise. In addition, almost facilities provide supervising videos and security services based on determining and supervising real time of security wholesalers. Some of the safest and high-tech facilities even use fingerprints and voice recognition software to allow the entrance of somebody into the companies. Installation renting places also use the most sophisticated smoke bells and water spray systems in case fires happen.

Information and electricity system

When leasing installation places, facilities provide a series of strategic back-ups to ensure the absolute security of information on businesses and services. Firstly, these facilities use some preventive electricity systems, including battery and diesel electricity generators, in case of power cut-off.

Secondly, these facilities use preventive systems to create a series of back-ups for all the information stored in servers. Finally, these facilities hire engineers to work around the clock to support whenever incidents or problems arise. Small businesses may not have this advantage if they do not have engineers qualified with high capability of technology.

Cooling system

Technological equipment, such as computers and servers, emit a huge amount of heat, especially when they have worked for a long time. When a large number of servers are installed in a building, they discharge more heat. Therefore, these facilities provide air-conditioners which help keep the cool atmosphere and suitable humidity.

Economic advantages

Small businesses will enjoy economic advantages when renting installation places thanks to the bandwidth provided by data centers, which is increasing day by day. Businesses that move to safe and small data centers to rent installation places do not have to worry about losing money in case of power cut-off or technical errors. The costs for a small business to establish infrastructure and surrounding systems may be a problem. It is even infeasible in terms of economic issues. Instead, a small business should rent an installation place and use its own services to cut 95% of the investment capital.

Criteria for renting the best servers

According to experts, to choose and rent the best servers, you need to check the quality of server providers based on the following criteria.

  • CPU: CPU specification is the most important criterion, directly affecting the data handling speed. Modern CPU will have better-operating capacity. Many people now choose CPU E5 2620. When renting a server, you need to consider this criterion the first.
  • RAM: This criterion is as important as CPU. In fact, RAM can store temporary calculating results of CPU and transfer to CPU for the next steps. You need also consider this criterion when choosing server for renting.
  • HDD: If you have a good CPU and a good RAM, but your HDD is slow, your computer cannot work effectively. Actually, if you do not store too many films and images, you need only 80GB-100GB of HDD for many apps. Therefore, renting SSD server is the best option for apps requiring high speed.
  • Network: Network also plays an important role as fast, and stable transmission lines will contribute to the effective operation of computers. Besides, most websites need only 100MB of bandwidth, excepting for some film and image apps.
  • Operating system: You need to consider carefully between Linux and Windows so that the operating system is suitable for your purposes when renting a server.
  • Loading capacity: This causes difficulties in choosing a suitable configuration because there is not any tool helping us to calculate specifically. It depends on many experiences and available statistics. For example, with web apps, we need to consider whether it is a new web, commercial web, or forum, and its daily viewership/page view, etc. 

In conclusion, whether you want to rent colocation servers at low or high prices, you need to consider the above criteria, as they are regarded as the core of quality when renting servers.