World’s Best Web Hosting Providers

By John Wallace
Meta: The website hosting providers significantly affect the website’s quality and future development. To choose the best web hosting provider, let’s have a look at the following list of web hosting providers that we would like to introduce.


Selecting the best web hosting providers to build a website waste much time, and if you make a wrong decision on web hosting providers for your websites, you will have to suffer consequences. We have searched and tried plenty of web hosting providers, assessed and ranked their features. Below is the list of six best web hosting sites worldwide that you can choose from.

We compared the web hosting providers based on price (listed price and actual price or after-discount price), limited storage space, bandwidth, and other functions, and our real experiences when using them.

List of best web hosting providers worldwide

1. StableHost

StableHost is a popular name with customers using Shared Host in the world. StableHost is listed on the Best Cheap Hosting by Webhosting Talk community because they use SSD hardware for the entire web hosting packages whether expensive or cheap cost.

Although the support response time is not fast (it takes them two hours to reply), this web hosting service has a high speed.

Another feature helps StableHost become popular is its frequent promotion programs. Specifically, if you use the web hosting service ofStableHost for the first time, you can use the discount code THACHPHAM for a 50% discount for Shared Host package.

General specifications:

Control panel: cPanel
SSD hardware: Yes
Refund: Yes- within 30 days
Individual IP: Yes - $2 per month
Chat support: No
Lowest price: $3.95 per month
Server: U.S., Netherlands
SHH access: Yes-$2.5 per permanent registration

2. InmotionHosting

InmotionHosting may be quite strange to a lot of people. However, it is becoming the top of Shared Host service and the most quality one with high configuration, excellent customer support and security.

Since last year, they have proceeded to upgrade SSD hardware, so the web hosting service’s speed is great now. Besides, the CPU sources are used easily because the website builders based on it to build websites usingMainWP to administer other websites WordPress, which has a high speed of loading.

General specifications

Control panel: cPanel X
SSD hardware: Yes
Bonus free domain
Refund: Yes – within 30 days
Individual IP: No
Chat support: Yes
Lowest price: $5.99 per month
Server: U.S.
SSH access: Yes

3. A2Hosting

A2Hosting is very famous at present and many people users are satisfied with its hosting services. Although A2Hosting’s customer support services are slow and the CPU limit is low; your web hosting has high security and speed. You can use discount code QUICK51 for a 51% discount.

General specifications

Control panel: cPanel X
SSD hardware: Yes
Refund: Yes – within 30 days
Individual IP: No
Lowest price: $5.99 per month
Chat support: No
Server: U.S., Netherlands, Singapore


AwardSpace has existed in the market for ten years and is evaluated quite good by Some features in Web Hosting are:

  • - Storage capacity: 1 GB
  • - Monthly access flow: 5GB
  • - Domain support: 1
  • - Email account: Yes
  • - Alongside free packages, AwardSpace also offers fee-paying packages sharing packages, virtual private server (VPS) and reseller packages. The price of AwardSpace is lower than other web hosting service providers’.

5. UtraWebHosting.Com

UtraWebHosting.Com has operated in the market for 15 years. It is appreciated by Below are the additional features of free Web Hosting package:

  • - Storage capacity: Unknown
  • - Monthly access flow: 10GB
  • - Domain support: 1
  • - Email account: Yes 

Also, UtraWebHosting.Com consists of the fee-paying packages such as Shared, Wordpress, Reseller, and VPS.

6. WP Engine

This is one of the high-quality Managed Hosting Service for WordPress only at the moment, and it is classified on the highest-price segment at present with WordPress Managed Hosting. The most special things of this service are 5-star quality customer support services, highly secured server, and amazing speed of the website. Moreover, you can ask them to repair the errors relating to WordPress because they are all WordPress specialists.

The second thing is the Stragging Server that they are supporting. It means that you can clone the website you are using into a preventive version to correct the errors or do experiments. You also need a click to apply the changed data on the website. This is an outstanding feature which is given by only two providers.

However, the cons of WPEngine is the limited types of the plugin used, including popular ones. This is because of the security and effect on the efficiency of the server.

Unique features

  • Individual IP
  • Cache support
  • Special support concerning with WordPress issues
  • Optimal security, users’ websites are prevented from being attacked by backdoor or malware anda three-slide anti-DDoS.
  • Even if your website is hacked, they will help you restore and delete malware completely.
  • Lowest price: $29/month

7. Media Template

Media Template has recently supported the hosting package servingWordPress with server optimized specially for WordPress. Like WPEngine, MediaTemplate assists the establishment of a preventive website (called Stragging Website) for you to correct errors and upgrade to avoid the direct effect on the main website.

Next, the security issue is assisted well by Media Template. It blocks the botnet access automatically and has Virus Checker in source code frequently. At the same time, the system gets automatic backup and saves files backup within 30 days. You only need a click to restore the old data when you need.

Unique features

  • Individual IP
  • Unlimited viewership
  • Only exclusive price: $25/month.
  • Speedy server
  • Unlimited plugin used
  • Free Media Template’s special themes
  • Integration of the advanced tools to support deploying website such as git, clone, and staging
  • Easy-to-manage control panel 


These are World’s Best Web Hosting for WordPress which we would like to introduce you. You should try at least once to have wonderful experiences. However, if your website gains up to 7,000 views per day, you had better change into VPS services.