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Google Cloud Pricing

By John Wallace
When choosing Google cloud services, most users are concerned about Google cloud pricing. Let’s have a look at the following notes about Google cloud pricing before making the final decision.

Cloud Platform’s Development & Traditional Firms’ Foreseeable Fade

By John Wallace
Meta: Cloud Platform has continuously developed and affirmed its key role in the modern life. Let's have a look at the following piece of writing titled "Google Cloud Platform's Development & Traditional Firms' Foreseeable Fade" to know more about this trend.

A Comprehensive Guide to Google Cloud Functions

By John Wallace
Meta: In the booming era of the Internet, Google cloud plays a crucial role in helping users increase their reputation and catch up with the world’s developing pace.  So what are the Google cloud functions? Let’s learn about it right now.

Personal Cloud Storage vs Traditional Storage

By John Wallace
Meta: The term “personal Cloud storage” appears more and more on the Internet in recent years. How is it different from the traditional storage method? Let’s find out!

How To Choose The Right Cloud Service Providers

By John Wallace
Meta: Based on the requirements and criteria that you’ve set out, you should be able to pick out the best and deserving Cloud services providers to be a part of the business.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cloud

By John Wallace
Meta: The Hybrid Cloud is the combination of the Public Cloud and the Private Cloud, making it more convenient and flexible.


Once you build a website, there is a dozen of work to take charge of. Amongst them, data management is one of the most important parts. To complete that job, it is obvious that you need a Cloud platform to collect insights on big data which brings huge awards to enterprises. But when it comes to making a decision on where to store data, it is difficult and complicated for any company.

Cloud Platform’s Development In Fourth Industrial Revolution

By John Wallace
Meta: The appearance of cloud platform has made significant changes in organizations worldwide in recent years. Cloud platform provides Big Data as a way to restore and get a huge amount of information, that’s why it has been used widely.

Top Best Cloud Hosting Providers That You Should Know

By John Wallace
Meta: Cloud hosting has been growing in popularity recently. When the usual shared web hosting does not make things clear, it is time to find a Cloud hosting provider.


Cloud hosting is usually chosen by big companies or websites which have a high volume of traffic and constantly undergo huge traffic spikes. Thanks to its convenience and suitable cost, it is well-liked among website owners for the time being.

Cloud Storage and Cloud Storage Benefits

By John Wallace
Meta: Cloud Storage is a popular concept to most people and it is especially familiar with users of hosting services and storing data services. To know more details about Cloud Storage, the article today will introduce an overview of Cloud Storage and Cloud Storage capabilities.

We have heard of many things like “Oh I’ve shared the documents on Google Drive” or “I will upload the pictures from the trip on Flickr or Dropbox, etc. You might wonder how can these data can be kept on such website or applications, right? The answer is that those services for data online uploading and storing use Cloud Storage to perform. So What exactly is Cloud Storage and what are Cloud storage capabilities? Let’s learn here in this article.

Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft Cloud’s Core Values

By John Wallace
Microsoft Cloud has its presence in the Cloud market for many years and known to be a prestigous cloud computing-based platform. Learning more about Microsoft Cloud and exploring its core values will be helpful for you if you are planning to use any of Microsoft Cloud services.

Google Cloud and Its Products

By John Wallace
Google Cloud is not a new concept for people in the field of hosting and users of the hosting service. If there is any chance you work in the field or need to use Google Cloud products and services, this article will be of your assistance.

Introduction of Google Cloud

Google Cloud, owned by Google, is a foundation for building and hosting websites, application, storing data, machine learning and optimizing data. Google Cloud has a comprehensive cloud computing environment where activities and data can be implemented and managed effectively and in the simplest manners.

Cloud Hosting – Definition, Operation And More

By John Wallace
Meta: As Cloud Hosting has become part of our highly technologic world – employed to store and to order data, but not all of us know about it. Let’s find out what it is!


For those Internet users whose demands for virtual resources (such as CPU, RAM, HDD, etc.) are not specifically high, Conventional Hosting might still be a good choice. It could be easily used for storing web, running an application, or administrating an email system.

What Is Cloud Hosting And How Does It Work?

By John Wallace
Meta: Cloud hosting has recently grown in common thanks to its convenience and efficiency. Let’s find out what exactly it is and how it works?

What Are Cloud Services And Why Do You Need Them?

By John Wallace
Meta: What is the cloud? Why do you need cloud services? They’re some questions you've probably heard or asked yourself. Let’s our post help you answer them!

Cloud Server Hosting and How It Works

By John Wallace
Meta:  Cloud server hosting is a reliable hosting method to meet the needs of cloud usage of users in the Internet boom nowadays. So, what is exactly Cloud server hosting and how does it work?

We have been familiar with a lot of cloud services today. So do you know how the cloud services you are using are able to run and store your data? Cloud hosting services provide hosting on virtual servers which allow data and resources to be stored and processed. Dedicated server hosting is used for certain needs of customers.  With a huge capacity of storage, cloud server hosting services give users a higher level of scalability, availability and productivity.  So, what is Cloud server hosting and how does it work? Let’s explore herewith.

Understand Google Cloud Platform

By John Wallace
Meta: Coming along with the Internet boom, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has come in presence as an application for everyone with useful features and benefits. Let’s learn deeper about what Google Cloud Platform is about and its characteristics as well as advantages.
In the 4.0 era when technological applications become trends and prevail the world. Internet sensation has brought up many applications for people; in which, Google Cloud Platform is one of the great applications in hosting service using cloud computing as its core fundamental. Let’s understand about Google Cloud Platform in further depth in this article.

Cloud Computing and Cloud Computing Applications

By John Wallace
Meta: Cloud computing has become a revolution in the Internet era of today. To utilize to its utmost benefits, to establish understandings about cloud computing and its applications is necessary.
Cloud computing concept is now available ubiquitously, from IT forum discussions, on technology company reports to its appeance on the box of a newly purchased phone. It is said that there are still a lot of people misunderstanding the concept of cloud computing, and that cloud computing is just something like DropboxOneDrive or Google Drive, which is where you sync photos or files.

Essentially, this is just a small part of the problem; there is so much more about cloud computing. We would like to invite you to take a closer look at cloud computing as well as its applications and impacts on on the world nowadays and in the future prospect.

Amazon Cloud Storage - Number-One Cloud Storage Service Today

By John Wallace

Meta: There are various cloud storage providers today with its own reputation in the industry. Amazon Cloud Storage which is considered the best Cloud storage service nowadays as it is chosen by many users and offers oustanding features to store and process your data.

The importance of SD cards and the device's internal storage is dwindling as more and more cloud storage services are available offering a variety of user-friendly options. Amazon cloud storage is number-one cloud serviceout there.

Google Cloud Storage Service, Effective Storage Solution for Enterprises in 2018

By John Wallace
Meta: Google Cloud Storage Service has been an effective storage solution for many years. So let’s get to know deeper about the values that pack in Google Cloud Storage service.
Cloud-based computing has become an paramount important innovation in the Internet era that has brought to life a great deal of applications. One of the best offer by cloud-based computing is the google cloud storage which resolves a lot of issues that we encounter nowadays in storing and saving data. Google Cloud Storage service has been coming in presence to serve a lot of its users, especially enterprises who need an effective cloud storage solution.

Top 7 Best Online Storage of 2018

By John Wallace
Meta: There are data and files that are very important with a great amount and you cannot store them all in your computer or phone due to the fear of loss and lack of disk space, online storage is what you should look at as a solution. So, what are the top 7 best online storage of 2018?
Why do we have to make your storage space of your PC or phone overwhelmed with tons of files and documents while we can store them online. Online storage is the most likely solution nowadays for storing and backup data. So, hereafter, the Top 7 best online storage of 2018 will be some recommendations for you in choosing a suitable online storage service.