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Cloud Server

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Security

By John Wallace
Meta: Cloud security supplies numerous levels of controls to support some Cloud-based assets. Let’s find out some pros and cons of this technology.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cloud

By John Wallace
Meta: The Hybrid Cloud is the combination of the Public Cloud and the Private Cloud, making it more convenient and flexible.


Once you build a website, there is a dozen of work to take charge of. Amongst them, data management is one of the most important parts. To complete that job, it is obvious that you need a Cloud platform to collect insights on big data which brings huge awards to enterprises. But when it comes to making a decision on where to store data, it is difficult and complicated for any company.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Google Cloud Hosting

By John Wallace
Meta: Google Cloud hosting supplies dependable infrastructure for users to build, test and implement new apps. Its pros and cons will be shown in this post!

Cloud Server Hosting and How It Works

By John Wallace
Meta:  Cloud server hosting is a reliable hosting method to meet the needs of cloud usage of users in the Internet boom nowadays. So, what is exactly Cloud server hosting and how does it work?

We have been familiar with a lot of cloud services today. So do you know how the cloud services you are using are able to run and store your data? Cloud hosting services provide hosting on virtual servers which allow data and resources to be stored and processed. Dedicated server hosting is used for certain needs of customers.  With a huge capacity of storage, cloud server hosting services give users a higher level of scalability, availability and productivity.  So, what is Cloud server hosting and how does it work? Let’s explore herewith.