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Domain Name

Domain Name Registration – Something You Need To Know!

By John Wallace
Domain name registration might be complicated at the first look but will become easier if you dig deeper into it. This post will give you that insight!

Following the easiest way, a domain name is nothing except the name (URL) of a website. One website cannot have the same domain with others, and similarly, no two websites can have the same domain name with the same TLD extension (.com, .org, .info, etc.).

10 Tips Before You Buy A Domain Name

By John Wallace
Meta: There is a wide range of factors you should seriously consider before buying a domain name. Here we give you top 10 tips that you must read!

One of the most important things, when you run an online business, is about buying a website domain. A website domain directly impacts your targeted customers and search engines. Do not focus too much on the fads and trends recently, just choose the one which benefits your business the most and of course, is convenient for your users.