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Forex Strategies

Forex Trading Routine For Successful Traders

By Steven Hatzakis → Friday, January 19, 2018
One greatest difference between a successful and a non-professional trader is setting Forex trading routine effectively. Do you dream to become a professional?


Based on the approach to Forex trading routine, we can distinguish between professional traders and amateur ones. While the amateurs trade without careful planning and wait for the luck, the successful traders always follow laid out routine. A fact is that the prosperous are easier to find the best trade weekly.

Three Types Of Forex Charts Every Trader Needs To Know

By Steven Hatzakis → Friday, January 5, 2018
There are many types of Forex charts you need to know and be able to read if you want to be a Forex trader and make a profit from the virtual money market.


Before starting Forex Trading, one thing you should remember is to learn the basics of Forex first and foremost. It is helpful for you to be easier to get close to the information. So, the today’s post will cover a very fundamental topic that every Forex trader must understand fully. That is the Forex charts.

Top 10 Best Forex Brokers In The World

By Steven Hatzakis → Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Forex market is one of the most profitable environment, and having the best Forex brokers at your side will help greatly on this venture toward greatness.


Beginning your career, professional assistance is always appreciated (and must be appreciated where there is). With an experienced and reputable broker, you would increase your chance of succeeding in the volatile market. So, the first recommended step is always to find a good broker to help you along the way.

Can You Trust Automated Forex Trading Robots?

By Steven Hatzakis →
What are automated Forex trading robots? Do they bring any advantages? Many people claim they’re just a scam. Read on to find out all the answers!


Using automated Forex trading robots is an interesting way to earn profits, though traders can rely on the traditional method. But robots are invented for purposes. Just imagine you consistently look at the computer monitor to keep track on charts, follow the news and carefully conduct extensive fundamental analysis day by day. This can easily lead to burnout.

Basic Forex Trading Strategies That Every FX Trader Must Know

By Steven Hatzakis → Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Forex is so big, and traders have so many strategies to win this game. But which basic Forex trading strategies are the most important for beginners. Let’s find!

The biggest problem that most new FX traders have to struggle when trying their hand at Forex is the lack of full understanding about basic strategies to apply when trading. I agree that it’s not easy and might take you a very long time to apply those strategies successfully. But do not think this is something impossible. Instead, you must try hard because if you don’t, it’s going to be virtually impossible.

So, the goal of this post is to discuss some of the most basic Forex trading strategies. In essence, this will be an entry guide that you must take a close look if you’re a newbie.