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Top 7 Best Websites for Free Website Hosting and Domain

By John Wallace
Meta: If you are looking for a free website hosting and domain, please have a look at this piece of writing in which we would like to introduce the top seven best websites for free website hosting and domain.

Top 5 Best Websites For Free Domain Registration

By John Wallace
Meta: If you are not affordable to buy domain names, it is ideal to consider websites for free domain registration. We would like to introduce five websites for free domain registration that are worth considering.

What Are Cloud Services And Why Do You Need Them?

By John Wallace
Meta: What is the cloud? Why do you need cloud services? They’re some questions you've probably heard or asked yourself. Let’s our post help you answer them!

Advantages and Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

By John Wallace
Meta: VPS is a new form of web hosting which has grown popularly over recent years. Let’s find out advantages and disadvantages of VPS Hosting.

Website Hosting and Its Features

By John Wallace
Meta: Within the fierce rise of the Internet, the concept of website hosting becomes familiar that most people who are interested in IT know about.  So what is website hosting, what are the features of this service?

You are thinking of creating a website for your own and you want to make sure that everything is stored safely, and visitors can access your site as much as possible. Web hosting service is the solution for your website building and hosting. So what is exactly website hosting and what are the features of web hosting. Let’s discover.

Top 10 Best Free Website Hosting Nowadays

By John Wallace
Meta: While it is great to have your website hosted with a paid web hosting service; it is ok sometimes you want to build your project and put it up as quickly as possible witout worrying about cost at all. That is when you come to look at Top 10 best free website hosting nowadays as a source of assistance.

We all love free things like free samples, free T-shirt that we might not use them at all. This is the same thing with website hosting too. If it is free, you’ll like it. It is really nice if you can use your paid website hosting service, but if you want to cut down on the costs of a paid plan, you might think of the top 10 best free website hosting nowadays.

Cloud Server Hosting and How It Works

By John Wallace
Meta:  Cloud server hosting is a reliable hosting method to meet the needs of cloud usage of users in the Internet boom nowadays. So, what is exactly Cloud server hosting and how does it work?

We have been familiar with a lot of cloud services today. So do you know how the cloud services you are using are able to run and store your data? Cloud hosting services provide hosting on virtual servers which allow data and resources to be stored and processed. Dedicated server hosting is used for certain needs of customers.  With a huge capacity of storage, cloud server hosting services give users a higher level of scalability, availability and productivity.  So, what is Cloud server hosting and how does it work? Let’s explore herewith.

What Do You Know About Google Cloud Services?

By John Wallace
Meta: Google has invested billions of dollars in building huge data centers to deliver their Cloud services. But what do you know about Google Cloud services, let’s find out!


Since the humble release of Google App Engine in 2008, Google has developed their Google Cloud platform into one of the most famous and popular Cloud computing platforms in the market these days. To help you have a better understanding of Google Cloud services, we've put together some basic information about Google Cloud services in this comprehensive post. Let’s get started!