Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in the US in 2017

Meta: Here is the list of best car insurance companies in the US in 2017 based on customer satisfaction reports and reviews. Keep reading to look for the top!
Table of Contents:
  • 1. State Farm
  • 2. GEICO
  • 3. Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • 4. Allstate
  • 5. Progressive
  • 6. The Hartford
  • 7. Amica
  • 8. USAA
  • 9. Auto-Owners Insurance
  • 10. Farmers


Getting a good car insurance is a matter of much concern. The US market now has a large number of car insurance companies with a variety of products, which makes users even more confused.
So, how to choose a cost-saving and high-quality car insurance package in the context of too many choices with diversified offers out there? Keep reading to look for the top 10 best car insurance companies in the US in 2017.

Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in the US in 2017

1. State Farm

With over 18% of the market share, State Farm is the largest car insurance company in the United States. The company was established in 1942, and now they have 18,000 agents covering around the country, associated with the supply of over 100 services. So, it is no wondering that most drivers use State Farm for their policy needs. It is estimated that an average of five cars will have one using the State Farm service, very impressive!

State Farm has focused on providing life insurance, banking and mutual fund services. Whenever it comes to customer service experience, they are good for service interaction and superior claim handling process. Like other auto insurers, State Farm also takes advantage of basic trifecta of the phone, app, or email contacts to agents, but they’re the easiest to use.

With the predominance of online quote tools, you can be instructed by the clear process with careful examples of coverage options within just 5 minutes. Last but not least, the offers of discounts on car insurance policy, including accident-free discounts, anti-theft, defensive driving course, safe and saving driving, a homeowners policy.

2. Government Employees Insurance Company 

GEICO is an auto insurance company owned by Berkshire Hathaway. They have provided insurance services for vehicles, including motorcycles and cars, and they’re famous for their advertising culture.

The provision of varied choices makes Geico stand out among the crowded market including mechanical breakdown coverage, emergency roadside assistance, auto repair Xpress, and ridesharing insurance. Coming to this one, you will get lowest rates, simple online applications, and effective account management tools.

Other insurance products are provided by partner companies, and quotes are on the website of Geico. Luckily, if you purchase a kind of insurance through one of these third parties, you will get discounts on it. Also, they are in the average customer satisfaction in J.D. Power’s recent report.

3. Liberty Mutual Insurance

Established in 1912, Liberty Mutual Insurance ensures the safety of more than 1.5 million cars and stands on the top of the customer service ratings.

This brings a variety of benefits when traveling. You could have received forgiveness accident in the case of the first accident. It means that the insurer will not raise up your insurance rates. If your car is used less than a year with under 15,000 miles, you'll be compensated for a new car price.

What's more? It would be good to add a function of the fund deductible because the company would reduce around $100 for you. But it can be expensive if you keep buying a single policy.

4. Allstate

Allstate is one of the highest ranked car insurance companies across the world. As the provision of a large number of policy selections is appropriate for the customer's requirements, they are got lots of positive feedbacks from them.

Although Allstate's premiums are higher level, they offer a strong discount menu that reduces the premium by up to 30%, including a top discount that allows you to drive for three years without accident or violation with 22% discount. They also offer a variety of services, from home and auto insurance to life insurance, annuities and mutual funds.

Some standard ranges include competitive prices, safe driving incentives, or accident forgiveness. With four different policies, you can feel to look for one in your needs. In terms of the user experience, they always bring all the best to the world. Thanks to brick and mortar workplaces, local agents, and an informative, useful website spreading out around the nation, clients have the chance of getting direct assistance or getting information easier online. Multiple opportunities for discounts for bundling, anti-theft devices, and passive restraint.

5. Progressive

Progressive joined the auto insurance business in 1937 after other insurance companies attracted most of the safest drivers on the market. They draw customer’s attention thanks to their “Name your price tool” that helps you seek for the policies appropriate to your budget. Customers satisfied with the discounts and special offers helping to reduce your monthly bills, such as "the Snapshot tool" or "an anti-theft device."

What’s more? The company also provides disability insurance for pets, which is included in the collision and meets the standard in most states. Besides, multi-car and safe driver discounts are also included in the insurance package, so you can be easy to choose the best car insurance option for the right amount of coverages as well as the rates.

6. The Hartford

Nicknamed "the insurance capital of the world", Hartford is the home to many of insurance companies. They have made a wonderful reputation for both client service and claim handling process for over 200 years in business. As a result, the company is getting a high score on the list of customer satisfaction ratings.

In spite of being an old one, they still tend to give all of the best technologies in business as possible. For example, you just need to shop around online websites to take quotes or even apply for a new policy. Besides, the service of 24/7 claim hotline is provided.

One of the most important things is multiple policy discounts. You can pay a visit to their website for more details. However, low prices are used for service experiences in the claim process. Also, it applies to US military members, veterans, as well as their close family members.

7. Amica

Amica is recognized by JD Powers and Associates for catching all customer satisfaction from its foundation so far. This insurance company is reasonably priced, coupled with a dividend check that significantly contributes to the insurance premium.

Coming from excellent selling experiences, the consumers become favored for their professionalism and customer friendliness. Since they do not hire any brokers, you can chat with Amica online representatives to handle the questions effectively and satisfactorily.

Amica has consistently taken the lead in terms of their claims and settlement process over the past few years. Complaint Offices are available 24/7. In addition to the liability and private injury coverage, they supply a program called “Platinum Choice” with an eye to refunding for earnings, the devoid of miscellaneous deductibles.


This company is different to others. If you belong to Active Military like US military members, veterans, Former Military, Cadets and Midshipmen, etc., this is the best option for you.

The insurers include added functions like discounted long-term auto insurance. However, one limited ability is that USAA is in need of military members. Because of those, the car insurance quotes are pretty intense to its competitors.

9. Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance is a mutual insurance company, providing auto, home, business, and life for exclusive contracted people through independent agents. With over $6 billion in written insurance, along with $20.1 billion in assets, they are the 17th largest insurance company in the United States.
Although this insurer holds a fairly low profile, they receive extremely high ratings on the board.

Auto-Owners Insurance is located in 26 states, mainly in the South and Midwest. It uses agent-only models to improve relationships with customers. Thus, if you like talking to people, auto-owners are an excellent option. The company also achieved an almost awesome score in the J.D. Power in 2015, apart from rental experience.

10. Farmers

Farmers have experienced more than 85 years of operation to go far away from simple legal coverage. If you are concerned about additional characteristics, this one is good for you.

Moreover, the company usually offers discounts, especially affinity ones for jobs such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, accountants, etc. They stand on the rating at the average level of the overall customer satisfaction.


On the whole, instead of trying to compare plenty of companies that have the best products, you should choose the one that takes good care of the customer, has a good additional features, understands your needs and advises you on your appropriate insurance package.

Hopefully, you can choose the best car insurance company and insurance package suited the most to your needs and financial resources. Thank you for reading!
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