Top 20 Health Insurance Companies in the US in 2017

Meta: The field of health insurance is flourishing so well in the world nowadays, especially in the US. Let’s take a look at top 20 health insurance companies in America.


People’s health is getting more and more attention as a result of the increasingly enhanced life standard. The rising awareness about the health manifests itself in the development of not only the health care system but also the health insurance industry. More and more health insurers companies with different sizes and offerings have appeared in the market, which really can confuse the customers looking for a safe solution for their life.

Although size isn’t what health insurance is all about when you have to make the big decision to sign an insurance contract, it is something that can reinforce the confidence in your choice. For the best comparisons and choices, we recommend the top 20 health insurance companies slash the largest ones hereunder!

Top 20 Health Insurance Companies in the US

We are nominating the best health insurers based on their sizes. According to U.S.News, the biggest 125 U.S. health insurance companies held about $744 billion in 2013, while the top 20 account for nearly two-thirds of the market. Data were collected from the information source of National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Before launching our list, we have to disclaim all the responsibilities for your choices because this isn’t the only way to rank the health insurance companies.

1. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group Inc. is a US health care company headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota which is ranked as the sixth in the United States (the Fortune 500). The company deals with both health care products and health insurance services. Currently, UnitedHealth Group claims the largest health care company in the world. Its subsidiaries provide products and services for about 115 million people in 2016.

2. Kaiser Foundation Group

Kaiser Permanente is based in Oakland, California. The group includes the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, along with Permanente Medical Groups. Thanks to the great collaboration in its health care system, Kaiser Permanente’s quality of care as well as the health insurance has been highly improved over time.

3. Anthem Inc.

Also known as WellPoint, Anthem is one of the biggest and most reliable for-profits managed health care companies in the USA. They provide customers with traditional and health care insurance plans, as well as many other health care services.

4. Humana Group

The American health insurance company Humana Group is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2014, Humana claimed to the revenue of $41.3 billion, along with the ranks of 51,600 employees. It used to be the third largest health insurance in the nation.

5. HCSC Group

The company engaged more than 22,000 employees and sold insurance services for about 15 million customers. They include services on group life, disability, dental solutions, and a plenty of other individual solutions.

6. Cigna Health Group

 This is an American worldwide health services organization.  Its insurance subsidiaries mainly deal with medical, disability, dental, life and accident insurance, along with other health care products and services.

7. Highmark Group

Highmark is a non-profit health care company which is set up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, the company also possesses some for-profit subsidiaries.

8. Blue Shield of California Group

The organization serves more than 4 million health customers and provide about 65,000 physicians across the state. It was founded by the California Medical Association as a not-for-profit company.

9. Independence Blue Cross Group

The company provides a wide variety of health plans such as traditional indemnity insurance, managed care, Medicare, and Medicaid. It possesses a dense network of health care centers including about  160  hospitals with over 42,000 physicians.

10. Centene Corp Group

The main lines of Centene Corporation include Medicare, Medicaid, The Health Insurance Marketplace System, Tricare, and traditional commercial insurance.

11. HIP Insurance Group

The Health Insurance Plan (HIP) is provided by the Health Insurance Department (HID). They provide customers with dental care and doctor’s visits at the hospital and overseas care. You can also get both in-patient and out-patient care from them.

12. BCBS of New Jersey Group

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is New Jersey's largest health insurance company which is a not-for-profit and a tax-paying health insurer.

13. BCBS of Michigan Group

Blue Care Network of Michigan is a nonprofit health maintenance organization. The company has the ranks of about 807,000 members.

14. California Physicians' Service

California Physicians' Service, Inc.or Blue Shield of California Inc., provides health plans to individuals and families in California; namely health, dental, vision, Medicaid, and Medicare health care service plans.

15. Wellcare Group

WellCare mainly deals with managed care health plans via Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plans.

16. Carefirst Inc. Group

The company provides the customers with not only health insurance services that can meet almost every budget but also access to over 1 million physicians, hospitals and other care centers in its health care networks.

17. Health Net of California, Inc.

Serving about 5.9 million customers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia through group, individual, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and Veterans Affairs programs, Health Net, Inc. is a big health care insurance provider.

18. Molina Health care Inc. Group

The managed care company Molina Health care was based in Long Beach, California. In 2016, Molina Health care constituted a member of Fortune 500. In 2015, the company claimed to have served approximately 3.5 million customers via government-based health care programs.

19. UHC of California

UnitedHealth care Community Plan of California offers Medi-Cal coverage to a variety of customers such as children, pregnant women, families, adults, and seniors who meet income requirements, along with some kinds of special health care needs.

20.  BlueCross BlueShield

BlueCross Blue Shield has excellent coverage (their prescription drug coverage could be the best). When you call them and need help from them, or simply have questions to ask, they give you a great customer service.


When it comes to choosing your health insurance company, it will take a lot of time and leave you to agonize for days because this is such a critical decision that may have overwhelming impacts on your life in the long term.

This means you can do it at one stroke of a pen by referring to some kinds of recommendations but doing research more and combine everything you gain reasonably for the best choices. And beyond everything, you have to really understand what you are looking for from a health insurance and find a health insurer whose policy can match your wish.
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