Top 10 Best Forex Brokers In The World

By Steven Hatzakis Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Forex market is one of the most profitable environment, and having the best Forex brokers at your side will help greatly on this venture toward greatness.


Beginning your career, professional assistance is always appreciated (and must be appreciated where there is). With an experienced and reputable broker, you would increase your chance of succeeding in the volatile market. So, the first recommended step is always to find a good broker to help you along the way.
In this article, we will show you the top-ten list of the best Forex brokers that you can put your faith upon while embarking on the market.

Top 10 Best Forex Brokers In The World

There are many brokers out there – large or small, famous or a little bit less known. Many of them can qualify for the position of being the best Forex brokers. We have compiled a list of those brokers that would be your best bet to trust on:


The name that it boasted has done quite a job at describing what it does. Owned by GAIN Capital Holding, Inc. (NYSE: GCAP), is among the most popular online Forex trading platform available at the moment.

This broker provides many remarkable services such as tight spreading, punctual trade execution, and various economic indices available to the user. It also has a mobile platform, not mention to a multitude of education resources: Videos, live training, webinars, Q&A, etc.
At the barest minimum, you must have at least $250 in your account before you can conduct a trade on the platform.


OANDA, much like, is also a popular name among traders. This platform is extremely competitive and sometimes preferred over for some awesome services it offers. These include no minimum deposit and zero commission; their market liquidity is also one of the best in the business.

Furthermore, OANDA offer a wide variety of tools to users, such as various indices, analytical tools and educational articles that would be your best weapons in the arena. The broker also gives the customers instructional videos and newsletters to keep you up-to-date with every change from the market.

3. TradeKing Forex

The old service was named Zecco before TradeKing acquired it. Today it is one of the go-to platforms for traders all across the world. It offers services from tight spreading to trader networking. The platform can be interacted through a variety of devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The minimum balance for the service is $500. It may sound high, but compared to many firms out there, it is still in the average range. In addition to great services, TradeKing offers a comprehensive set of tools and educational programmes that can easily make up for the initial investment.

4. ATC Brokers

This is probably one of the most safety-oriented brokers out there thanks to the quickness and efficiency in transaction procession by employing Straight Through Processing (STP) method. You can also get a small percentage of profit by going in and out of your position several times a day to minimize risks. Bracketing orders can be done, too.

The platform is designed to minimize as much risk while trading as possible and make an assortment of risk management tools for you to utilize.

5. Thinkorswim

Although its name is not particularly professional and seems like it was brainstormed in one second by the creator, it is one of the most flexible brokers out there. Thinkorswim gives you the ability to trade over 100 currencies in the world, and depend on how you view and how much returns you see in any given currencies, you can easily make a purchase on it at your own discretion.

Besides broking service alone, thinkorswim also has an ample amount of education services for you to brush your trading skills. However, the minimum deposit is staggeringly high at up to $2,000.

6. TradersChoiceFX

TradersChoiceFX is an introducing brokerage firm, which means that the execution of the trade is outsourced to another firm. One such partner of TradersChoiceFX is The advantage of working with them is that you can earn a cash bonus for each trade successfully done through a rebate programme.

7. Interactive Brokers Limited

Interactive Brokers has a reach that extends far beyond the US border, and unlike many brokers on this list, it is internationally present. The technology that it employs to conduct trades as well as the many features that it compacts into its service, from analytical and risk management tools to a discussion forum that is filled with second-hand knowledge for you to learn from others who are more experienced at the trade. The tutorials that they offer are also very comprehensive.

The minimum deposit is dire, up to $10,000 in total before you can begin. For those who have the necessary finance to fund an account, it definitely is going to be the best Forex broker. But for the rest who don’t have the capital to start out with … not so much.

8. Fortex Capital Marketing (FXCM)

FXCM can be considered being in the top percentile of reputable brokerage firms out there. Operating actively in the market since 1999, FXCM has always been an entrusted name for many traders out there – both professionals and amateurs. The highlight of FXCM is a huge library and a myriad of tools that can be wielded by users.

This library contains many tutorials, papers, and walk-throughs that are going to help immensely with your basic understanding as well as developing strategies on the market. You can seriously turn from knowing nothing to a master at placing trades, read subliminal trend and quotes if you work hard and learn enough.

The minimum balance that your account must have before you can officially become a member is $2,000.

9. TradeStation Group

TradeStation is a veteran name out there and has been operating since 1991. You will be able to start with a deposit of $2,000 for a margin account, and besides the most basic service that a brokerage firm can give you, TradeStation also gives you packages of educational media such as videos and articles daily for you to better your game even more.

And if geography allows for it, you can also attend some events that they host that are sometimes free of charge for attendance to mingle with other investors and traders to not only learn more about the art of trading, but to also expand your network of connections that would be immensely useful later on in your career within the market.

10. Northern American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX)

NADEX stresses its activity heavily on Forex, commodities, as well as stock on the market with plentiful contracts on binary options – 2,400 of them daily, in fact. And with the reputation as one of the most effective and popular brokers out there, you would surely find yourself in good hand with the firm.

The most up-to-date instructional and educational tools are available to the customers as soon as they begin to trade with NADEX as their broker. Registered users can have access free of charge to series of webinars that are extremely valuable to develop the mentalities, strategies, and general knowledge for all types of traders, from beginners to experts.

You can create a free NADEX account after the first trade. It is required that you load it up with $250 in the deposit. After this initial deposit, no other deposition is required, even though you’re still required – per standard procedure – that your balance must still have enough to take the brunt of a loss from an open position.


The Forex market is an extremely profitable place to hedge fund from, and it can also be simple if you are good enough with your predictions and ability to forecast the trend. And by seeing and putting the main ingredient of the game into a good broker – your money – you would have already come at least a quarter of the way there in becoming a successful trader.

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