What Is A Forex Broker And How Does It Work

By Steven Hatzakis Friday, January 5, 2018
If you want to trade in the FX market, you need a Forex broker. If you want to know what exactly is a broker? How does it work? Let’s discover with us!


The foreign currency exchange market is a treasure trove for someone with the right mind, attitude, and skills to see the endless opportunities in it. As a fledging trader who is looking to dig into this highly profitable (it’s also highly risky as you probably know), you would want to learn as much as possible about what you’re trying to do and put your money on the table.

But first and foremost, if you want to trade in the FX market, you need a Forex broker. If you want to know what exactly is a broker? How does it work? Let’s discover with us!

What Is a Forex Broker?

A ‘broker’ is the medium between a buyer and a seller. So, the broker would be the bridge that brings a buyer and seller together, and all of the details of the transaction would go through the broker.

In this case, one party would be you (either as a seller or a buyer), and the other party would be the FX market (also either as a seller or buyer, depends on what you’re going for in the transaction).

In other words, they will be the one to access the market, do all of the necessary procedures, and finalize the transaction in your name. You don’t have to do anything at all besides sitting at one spot and giving orders – the most complicated portion of the business has already been handled.

How Does a Forex Broker Work?

A singular broker can only represent one single party in a transaction: either as a buyer or a seller, and cannot be both simultaneously.

Of course, after the deal is said and done, a commission of x percent (this number might vary greatly and depends on the broker that you chose) would go to the broker for a job well done.

However, this has changed recently since the appearance of online brokers, and nowadays, you can find online brokers that charge little to no fees at all for a transaction. In fact, that’s how most – if not all – Forex trading platforms should be for it to be considered as one of the best Forex broker.

A broker allows its customers to trade a variety of major currency pairs, such as USD/EUR, GBP/USD, USD/AUD, USD/CAD, etc. Some even support the trade of newer, emerging currencies that you may have found some opportunities for growth and profit in.

Besides being the middleman between you and the market, the best Forex brokers also have several educational tools, resources, and programmes available for you to be more fluent navigating the market on your own. This includes test simulation, webinars, workshops, e-books, newsletters, and more. Not only they will be your agent, but they will also be your teacher. And for the ever-changing market, you can never learn enough.

How Do You Use a Broker?

In order to acquire the service of a broker, you ought to create an account with a required amount of money within as collateral before beginning with trading.

As while trading, you can borrow a certain amount of fund from the broker to conduct the trade if you’re optimist enough that the investment can provide sufficient return and don’t have the necessary balance to go through with it all the way – levering the transaction. It’s simple as that!

There are no more steps to take besides depositing some money required by your the best Forex brokers of choice to acquire their service. You can choose a currency pair and go to work immediately after.

Forex Broker Fees

By executing a trader (either a buy or a sell order), the broker will charge a commission (also called a spread). This is exactly the way a Forex broker makes money.

The spread could be either a fixed number or a variable If it is a variable spread, it will vary based on the movement of the market. For example, a change in the interest rate might trigger a change in the spread. And from that, you could have the good news creating a good trade or the bad news making you lose some money.

Another aspect to take into account is that a Forex broker could give their traders different spreads for trading (either buying or selling) the same currency. As a result, you ought to pay close attention to pricing. Luckily, as the market is so competitive, the brokers tend to get competitive quotes for competitive pricing.


The Forex broker plays an indispensable role in every trading market. They simply open up a number of chances for traders to enter the market and start making money. They also provide great services that could be very valuable in helping traders to understand price movements and potential profits.
Is there anything you don’t understand about the Forex broker. Let’s us know by leaving your comment below. Thank you!