Where To Get Free Forex Signals

By Steven Hatzakis Sunday, January 7, 2018
As a trader, your success in navigating the unknown of the market depends on your ability to analyze its movements, also called Forex signals.


Market analyzation requires you not only to be wise and observant, but it also asks from you the ability to assimilate information. Even if you have in your hand the most effective trading strategy of all, without the ability to find the necessary information to apply into your scheme, your struggle would continue daily and even resulted in an ultimate failure in the long term.

By properly following the above saying, you will come a long way. But one question appears: where and how to get those Forex signals? This post will show you!

What Are Forex Signals?

A ‘signal’ (or simply a put) is a recommendation which can be made by either a computer (bot) running specially designed algorithms or a real analyst to tell you whether a certain currency pair’s condition is fitting for investment or else. You do not have to do all of the analyzation yourself, instead, if you have a good signal provider, you can listen to them entirely, and you might be able to have some relatively solid returns.

A signal provider will be one of the best intelligence gathering tools you have at your disposal as a trader.

However, much like everything else, there are a lot of signal providers out there – some well-known, while some vaguer (and shady). Furthermore, since Forex trading is a very lucrative business, and most signal services are fee-based, a lot of the providers can be an elaborate scam and will provide you with untruthful, questionable signals.

Even though knowledge is power and money, there are sites and people out there who would give you the information necessary to enrich yourself free of charge. And listening to these public sources will be, personally, a recommended step for beginners to further your path as a Forex trader.

So, to prevent that from happening to you and to also save you some money of having to rely on fee-based signal services. We’ll leave here a list of free Forex signals providers for you to consider following.

Where to Get Free Forex Signals?


The site is not only a major educational source (besides mainstream news, tutorials, and tip/trick articles) on anything about Forex, it also features a Forex signal system that is completely free to use. From what we gather, the signals are regularly updated and with relatively high trustworthiness.

They also support a massive list of currency pairs, making it the most versatile signal provider on this list. No matter what you’re investing on, from the most popular pairs to the vaguest ones, you will find the proper intelligence for them here.


Much like DailyForex.com, FXleaders.com is another top-large source of information on the business, not only for the daily news and analysis on Forex but also for their helpful guides and tutorials.

However, while it shares similarities with DailyForex.com, its signal service is completely different. It is only semi-free, and instead of allowing visitors to freely access its database like the latter, FXleaders.com only grants you access to major pairs of currencies. To get the full experience with the platform, you ought to pay a subscription to become a Premium member.

For the dedication that it’s asking you, to be completely honest, the platform does not offer much. But it triumphs slightly over DailyForex.com in that its presentation of the information is much easier to read.


This is arguably the most comprehensive platform on this list. Of course, it will depend on each person’s preference, but no providers so far had been able to provide and present information so thoroughly as Foresignal.com.

What made it stand out so much in the first place is its compactness: You don’t have to sign up, or navigate through dozens of links and tabs to get your desired forecast. The information is also displayed quite attractively. What more, it is also displayed by charts which are far more graphical and intuitive than just lines of jam-packed words such as in the case of previous platforms.

Although it will not give you as expansive a list of currency pairs like DailyForex.com, it will, however, offer you the most popular pairs out there.


Not as articulate in its presentation as Foresignal.com, but it is not crudely made, either. AtoZForex.com takes the cake as probably the most trustworthy and serviceable platform on this list.

The reason for such a title is its quite praisable dedication to providing signals with quality and accuracy rivaling even the more premium and expensive platforms out there. Although it still has a long way to go for us to see whether the site lives up to its motto, it is probably one of the most reputable sources out there for you to get your signals from.

Another thing that makes it stands out from the rest is the fact that you can sign up for its mailing list, which will daily put into your inbox a newsletter on the most profitable and promising signals for you to ponder whether to put your money into or else.


The list may not be long, but those are the premier sites on the Internet that you can entrust your money to. Of course, there is no 100% certainty that you will have your desired return when putting your money into the roulette in accordance to the signal. This also goes for fee-based services.

As long as you do your homework, and instead of copying and pasting the signals down word-by-word, step-by-step, and actually use it as a foundation to build your analysis, you will find yourself succeeding in the market for years to come and make a career out of it in the process.

At the market’s core, its epithet is rather simple: “Knowledge is not only power but also money!”

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