Notes For Home Insurance Savings

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A house is a big asset to almost people, both in terms of material and spiritual aspects. If the owner does not know how to protect the house, the asset may face a lot of risks. Therefore, many families buy home insurance savings to protect their houses.

What is home insurance savings?

Home insurance savings is a comprehensive protection service against the risks related to houses such as lost/damaged assets due to fires and others, along with protection of family members.

Home insurance savings provides such services as:

  • - Indemnify material losses due to fires, thunderstorms, explosions, social disorders, strikes, purposely negative activities, earthquakes, volcanos, tornadoes, tempests, floods, water leakages from reservoirs, water pipelines, or automatic firefighting systems, crashings of aircraft or other means of air transportation, and theft.
  • - Indemnify the human/material losses during the time insurance buyer is residing in the house, if there is a complaint from the third party.
  • - Indemnify for such cases as deaths and lifelong injuries for insurance buyers/profiteers, and the healthcare service fees of up to10% of healthcare insurance premiums.
  • - Some other benefits such as indemnity for lost/damaged assets, free alternative accommodations, and indemnity in case insurance buyers die.

Notes for home insurance savings buyers

Some people think that home insurance savings protect only the buyer’s house, as defined by its name. However, home insurance savings can also protect furniture inside the houses, including all household appliances and fixed assets in the house under the ownership of insurance buyers/profiteers.
Since the 2000s, many non-life insurance firms have provided services to ensure the safeness for individual customers’ houses. The services include comprehensive insurance packages covering indemnity for damages of houses, including damages of furniture inside houses. Therefore, when choosing a home insurance savings, customers should consider this issue to enjoy the full benefits.

Indemnity for houses’ damages/losses during natural resources, fires

Some people think that it is unnecessary to buy home insurance savings. They believe that natural disasters like floods and earthquakes are rare in big cities. However, houses are also threatened by fires, which may occur easily with just only a tiny carelessness, in any locations at any times.

Home insurance savings for both house owners and renters

House renting is quite popular in big cities. Most of the house renters in big cities are youngsters from other provinces and cities, who are yet to be affordable to buy their own houses. The home insurance savings market has introduced insurance packages targeting these people.

For example, AIG provides three home insurance savings services to individual customers, which are house renters’ insurance, house owners’ insurance, and comprehensive house insurance.

Depending on each service, customers will receive the corresponding indemnity for physical loss of houses caused by fires, explosions, theft, and others.

With the insurance package for house renters, insurance firms will also indemnify for death, injuries, health service fees, and arising fees related to houses’ risks.

Carefully consider choosing the most suitable home insurance savings package

When considering buying home insurance savings, customers will receive many pieces of advice for different products from insurance firms. Customers should carefully consider the premiums for home insurance savings to ensure the full protection of their houses.

Although customers may know a remarkable amount of information from experienced friends, relatives, and colleagues, they had better ask for quotations from some prestigious insurance firms.

Each quotation lists categories of home insurance savings. Customers should compare and choose the best option based on the quotation.

Obviously, the indemnity from insurance firms cannot be as much as the value of your assets. Therefore, customers should consider the benefits and limitations of insurance contracts to avoid disagreements.

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