Search For Best Insurance Services With Compare Travel Insurance Website

Meta: Since April 7, customers have been able to compare travel insurance of life insurance firms via a new website named compareFIRST ( announced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).
Along with such services as comparing credit cards and unsecured loans, financial service comparison websites also offer the comparison on travel insurance packages provided by travel insurance firms worldwide.

In this article, we would like to introduce how to Search For Best Insurance Services With Compare Travel Insurance Website:

Travel insurance’s importance

Travel insurance has been familiar with those usually go traveling. Especially, with those often travel abroad, travel insurance is regarded as the second important visa, after passport.

Buying travel insurance brings customers with many benefits. Customers will feel secured to enjoy their trips. In many cases, if travelers get risks during their trips such as illness, diseases, accidents, or asset losses, travel insurance will support customers in handling and overcome difficulties and minimize the human and material losses.
In some countries, buying travel insurance is compulsoty. Some European countries require travel insurance in travelers’ visa application documents.

Nowadays, there are many firms providing travel insurance services. To choose the most suitable one, customers should compare insurance packages offered by different insurance firms.

The most simple way is to search on Google. Gocompare travel insurance comparison website currently allows users to search for and compare 120 products with nearly 200 international insurance packages from hundreds of insurance firms worldwide, including non-life insurance firms and insurance brokers.

CompareFIRST is an online portal allowing users to compare prices of insurance packages and features of similar life insurance policies offered by different insurers, thus helping users make a right decision on a suitable one based on its reliability. Because this is just an online portal, customers wanting to buy life insurance products need to meet with financial consultant(s) or insurance provider(s).

CompareFIRST is the result of the cooperation between the Consumers Association of Singapore, MAS, the Life Insurance Association Singapore, and the national financial Education Program MoneySENSE.

Compare FIRST’s outstanding points 

Simple, visible interface

CompareFIRST’s interface is simple, visible and easy to search. Users just need to enter the zip codes, personal information, residence, travel destinations, staying time, and the number of partners, and then click compare. The information users need will appear on the screen.
This website also complies with the mobile version, with a quite similar interface with the web version. Besides simple design, the tone values and the easy-to-follow content arrangement will also help users know the website’s functions.

Various comparison functions

Let’s try searching for a seven-day trip to Japan for the Reunification Day (April 30) for a four-member family. The website will show 120 insurance packages offered by travel insurance firms worldwide. Users can filter searching results according to insurance providers, accident indemnity, healthcare assistance, and healthcare transferring. Users can also filter the results based on the number of insurers offering online insurance purchase.

After that, users can classify based on three criteria namely the insurance premiums, insurance providers, and general evaluation. The insurance premiums can be arranged from the lowest to the highest, in other words, from the cheapest to the most expensive. If users are concerned about the insurance prices, this will be the most important criterion. However, regarding general criteria, users need to note that the cheapest insurance package is not always the best.

The general evaluation is the intersection of the most important criteria in choosing insurance packages, including indemnity levels for healthcare transferring, fees for visiting the sick, personal accidents, and other healthcare service fees in foreign countries.

After considering these criteria, users can click in the insurance package they are interested in for detailed information on insurance policies. A lot of the information is not shown in the comparison category, but it is worth considering. Users can also register for the insurance package(s) they want to buy on campareFIRST’s website.

In terms of comparing international travel insurance services, compareFIRST takes users only several minutes to find out the insurance packages with reasonable prices or optimal general evaluation. Especially, the website’s searching results are neutral and transparent, so users can filter, compare, and make decisions by themselves. Meanwhile, insurance providers are not allowed to advertise or carry out brokerage activities on the website, thus the comparison results are accurate.

However, it is necessary for users to know that the websites mainly compare important criteria with a focus on the prices and indemnity. It cannot compare all factors in insurance packages as the regulations on age and losses in personal luggage. Some other factors are not also compared such as the rules on delayed flights, visa application, contract abolishment, or refund.

International travel insurance helps those loving travelings go around the world without worrying about the possible risks during their trips. This “safe ticket” will support travelers in such cases as accidents, lost luggage, delayed/canceled flights, and other benefits. Therefore, travelers should use insurance comparison websites to have the exact evaluation on insurance packages to make right decisions.

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