Compare Top 10 Home Insurance In The World

Meta: The more options for home insurance there are, the more difficult it is for customers to choose. Therefore, we compare top 10 Home Insurance in the world  so that you can find it easier to opt the appropriate one.

It can be seen that finding a real estate insurance agent is not difficult but to make the best choice, it takes a lot of time. There are a lot of real estate insurers around the world, making customers confused a lot. To facilitate your decision making, let follow us to compare top 10 Home Insurance in the world and take a look at our website to determine your right one.
Compare Top 10 Home Insurance in the world

1. Berkshire Hathaway

This is a multinational corporation with headquarters in Omaha, USA. Founded in 1889, Berkshire Hathaway specializes in providing home insurance with a commitment to delivering the best possible service to our clients.

Besides insurance business, Berkshire Hathaway also reaches out to real estate, media, toys, consumer goods, etc. It is one of the largest corporations in the world both in terms of revenue and reputation.

2. Prudential

Leading the insurance and financial services industry, Prudential currently serves 23 million customers across Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom, whose shares are listed on the stock exchange of Singpore, Hong Kong, London and New York. This group has over 22,308 employees worldwide with a management asset of approximately £ 443 billion. In the field of real estate insurance, Prudential leads the market and has many trusted customers around the world.

3. Allianz.

This group is one of the largest financial services organizations in the world, which locates in Munchen, Germany. Allianz's core business is insurance, making this brand popular in insurance industry all over the world.

4. AXA.

AXA is an insurance agent based in Paris having approximately 102 million customers in 56 countries. In 2013, it acquired 51% market share in insurance of Colpatria Seguros in Columbia.

5. Zurich.

This company mainly operates in the fields of insurance, banking and financial services. Zurich is headquartered in Sweden. It is one of the most valuable real estate insurance brand in the world, operating in more than 170 countries, having more than 55,000 employees. Total turnover of the Zurich Group in 2015 is $ 60,568 billion.

6. Generali.

Generali was established on December 26, 1831 and quickly became one of the most prestigious insurance companies in Italy in general and in Central Europe in particular. This insurance company’s headquarter is in Trieste, Italy. Generali has a large customer based in the home insurance sector having reasonable price policies, perfect service.

7. Japan Post Holdings.

State-owned Japanese corporation mainly operates in insurance and banking sectors. Now, Japan Post Holdings has becomes one of the best insurance companies in Asia in particular and the world in general thanks to its extensive network of professional services and attractive compensation policies.

8. Nippon Life.

Nippon Life insurance company lies in Osaka, Japan. Currently, this company has more than 30 subsidiaries with over 73,000 employees. This is one of the most reputable real estate insurance companies in the country.

9. MetLife.

Metlife is one of the world's largest real estate service providers located in New York, USA. MetLife provides insurance services to over 90 million customers around more than 60 different countries in the whole world.

10. ING.

The multinational financial group’s headquarter is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ING has been active in the field of real estate insurance for dozens of years, receiving millions of customers worldwide.

The article to compare Top 10 Home Insurance in the world has brought you a new thought about this market? We hope you found the best house option and do not forget to follow our next article with helpful information in attractive fields.

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