Healthcare Insurance’s Benefits & Notes for Buyers

Meta: It is necessary to know healthcare insurance’s benefits and relevant notes before buying healthcare insurance to make a right decision for the best guarantee for your family’s health.

Each of us encounters health problems at least once in our life, not only foreseeable problems but also unexpected and unpredictable ones. Before buying healthcare insurance, customers must know the benefits of healthcare insurance services and related notes to avoid “spending money on a quack doctor and only getting worse.”

Buying healthcare insurance bring you and your family such benefits as follows:

Save money in case you/your family member(s) get ill

It is difficult to foresee one’s future health conditions although you pay due attention to your health. The older you are, the worse your health condition becomes. Let’s compare your health condition when you were 20 years old with those when you were 30 or 40 years old. If you are hospitalized, who will pay your hospitalization fees?

If your wife/husband/children get serious diseases, the healthcare service fees may exceed your family’s savings. It may cause your family a burden of debt or even lead your family to bankrupt. Spending several Vietnamese million dong buying healthcare insurance yearly will help you and your family avoid these bad situations and save hundreds of Vietnamese million dong in your family’s savings book.

Meet your demands for high-quality healthcare services

With reasonable-price annual healthcare insurance, you and your family will enjoy high-quality healthcare services in five-star hospital systems. Besides, healthcare insurance can satisfy patients’ demands of medical check-ups and treatments in every medical facilities nationwide with qualified doctors and nurses and world-class equipment.

Save your time and effort compared to public healthcare insurance

Red tape hospitalization procedures and tiring waiting time obsess patients in public hospitals although you have to pay fees for healthcare services. When buying healthcare insurance, you can not only shorten the waiting time but also use professional and dedicated healthcare services in every medical facilities guaranteed with healthcare insurance nationwide.

Protect you and family with the highest benefits and the lowest fees

Buyers of healthcare insurance have to pay only around VND2 million in a one-year period of time, compared to an obliged long-term period and high costs in the public healthcare insurance. So you do not have to worry about time requirement when buying healthcare insurance. You can also move your healthcare insurance premiums to other packages or even other insurance firms if you are not satisfied with the existing ones.

Notes for you when you are going to buy healthcare insurance

1. Choose a healthcare insurance package depending on your financial capacity and demand

Healthcare insurance bring you and your family not only supports in medical check-ups and treatment fees but also the best healthcare service in the country and foreign ones. However, different healthcare insurance packages offer buyers with different services such as in-patient/outpatient, dentistry, maternity, or children treatments, with corresponding levels of premiums.

Besides, insurance firms usually provide customers with two different healthcare insurance packges namely the “normal” one and the high-quality one. Therefore, you need to carefully consider to choose the most suitable insurance package with your demands and financial capacity, so as to enjoy the highest benefits during medical check-ups and treatments without paying too much for annual healthcare service fees.

2. Carefully consider healthcare insurance’s benefits

Before buying healthcare insurance, it is necessary for you to know that insurance firms will indemnify only for unexpected and unforeseeable diseases or accidents. That’s why insurance firms always offer waiting time and the exclusion limit for already-existing diseases prior to healthcare insurance buying. For example, if you buy healthcare insurance after you are pregnant already, you will not be able to enjoy healthcare insurance’s benefits.

Besides, you should also consider the benefits in healthcare service fee payments and high-quality medical services to choose the best suitable healthcare insurance package with your and your family’s demands for medical check-ups and treatments.

3. Choose reliable insurance firm(s)

There are many insurance firms, both domestic and foreign ones, offer insurance packages suitable with the demands of each family, so it is necessary for you to compare these firms based on some criteria to choose the most reliable one for you and your family. Reliable insurance firms have publicly transparent indemnity procedures and suitable benefit sets based on different premium levels and insurance packages.

4. Consider hospitals cooperating with insurance firms

If you and your family want to use the healthcare services covered with insurance in reliable or familiar hospital(s), you should consider the list of hospitals cooperating with insurance firms to enjoy the highest insurance indemnity and the best healthcare services.

Healthcare insurance will pay arising healthcare service costs and give you chances to access the high-quality healthcare service as expected.

In conclusion, whoever you are, it is necessary to buy healthcare insurance. It is difficult to calculate the financial pros and cons of healthcare insurance, but it can help you prevent and deal with future risks to protect the happiness of your family.

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