Tips for Medical Travel Insurance Buyers

Meta: When you are spending your holidays, studying, researching, or visiting your relatives overseas, you should buy medical travel insurance (international/global medical travel insurance) to deal with risks of accidents, illness, and other sudden incidents during your stay in foreign countries without thorough understanding about the nations.

Medical travel insurance is not a new thing. However, most people usually search for airline ticket fees or accommodations instead of medical travel insurance for their overseas trips. Only with tens of thousands of Vietnamese dong or hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese dong, you will own a medical travel insurance contract which will indemnify the expenses for sudden illness, personal document/asset loss, or other risks overseas.

So what do you need to know about medical travel insurance? Let’s have a look at this piece of writing for necessary notes on medical travel insurance.

Medical travel insurance’s benefits

When you are on a visit to foreign countries and face some problems as sudden illness or delayed/canceled flights, you will realize the importance of medical travel insurance. This kind of insurance brings buyers with such benefits as follows:

  • - Protect the rights of medical travel insurance buyers who unfortunately get ill or die during their trips: If this unexpected situation happens, medical travel insurance firms will support buyers with in-patient/out-patient treatment fees, patient transferring fees, or funeral fees for buyers’ relatives, fees for bringing patient’s body home. The indemnity levels will depend on the agreed regulations in the insurance contracts and the premium levels.
  • - Protect the rights of medical travel insurance buyers whose flights are canceled or delayed: In these cases, insurance companies will support buyers with hotel-booking fees, ticket rebooking fees, and arising fees. When your flights are shortened or canceled, insurance firms will indemnify the arising fees for long traveling time, which may lead to the illness or even deaths of the buyers, relatives, or partners. Insurance firms will also support buyers with loss or damages relating to luggages, including those caused by objective reasons and by airlines.
  • - Support insurance buyers with passport-related fees, including visa/passport re-issuance fees, flight tickets, arising accommodation and traveling fees due to lost or theft personal documents.
  • - Currently, medical travel insurance is a must if you want to apply for visa issuance to visit Europe. The insurance aims to protect buyers’ rights during their trips. Although European countries are developed, the healthcare service fees are high, normally at hundreds of U.S. dollars to thousands of U.S. dollars for a medical check-up and treatment.

Notes for you when you are going to buy medical travel insurance

Benefits of medical travel insurance

Medical travel insurance assists you in solving sudden incidents during your overseas trips such as accidents, health care supports including urgent health transferring, luggage loss/damage, and canceled/delayed flights. Some countries such as European nations in the Schengen area require tourists to have medical travel insurance in documents applied for entry visa issuance.

Although medical travel insurance packages have quite same benefits offered to customers, you should carefully consider choosing the most suitable one(s) with your traveling demands. For example, if you usually have to pay business trips overseas, you should choose annual medical travel insurance to cut costs, or if your plans to visit the U.S., you should consider insurance package with high health care indemnity.

Extended contracts in case buyers get incident(s)

Not every travel insurance package includes this issue. This means the medical travel insurance contract will be extended for an additional 72 hours if buyers get sudden incident(s) on the last day of the invalid time of the contract. The extension is effective with charter-party contract and in case of incidents out of buyers’ control, such as strikes or bad weather conditions. When considering buying a medical travel insurance package, ask insurance firms whether they offer this benefit or not.

Insurance benefits in case of terrorist attack(s)

If the country you are visiting has terrorist attack(s), especially countries in Europe or others with unstable political situations, you will receive indemnity for loss arising directly or indirectly from terrorist attack(s). However, some insurance firms will not indemnify for direct or indirect loss/damages caused by biological, chemical, or nuclear factors.

Repatriation of children in case their parents get incidents

Parents need to notice this term in the insurance contract when bringing under-16-year-old children during the overseas trips. In case insurance buyers are hospitalized in foreign countries and there is not any other adult alongside the child(ren), insurance firms will pay all travel costs (flight ticket/ train ticket/ ship ticket in the economy class) and accommodation costs for one adult to bring the child(ren) to the home country.

Suitable indemnity for hospitalization fees

Insurance firms will pay the hospitalization fees for insurance buyers getting incidents overseas, which is up to the maximum level regulated in the insurance contracts. So you should learn about the hospitalization fees in the countries you are going to visit to make a right decision on the most suitable insurance package. The insurance firms will make the payment after you are discharged from the hospital.

Search and comparison of different insurance packages

There are many medical travel packages meeting your demands for the upcoming visit(s). You can use the specialized websites for insurance service searching to compare different insurance packages to choose the most suitable one(s). Only with some simple steps, you will have a right decision on a medical insurance package suitable with your financial capacity and demands.

Finally, you should buy a medical travel package to ensure the safeness of your overseas trips. You only pay a small amount of insurance premiums and get a lot of benefits.

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