About Us

Derived from a homework assignment for a class of young children. We have developed XYRA Games as a tool to help children learn and accumulate more knowledge in the form of simple games. 

Looking forward to building XYRA Games into a leading website in the field of educational games. We look forward to receiving all the attention of our readers. 

XYRA Games has added entertaining and educational elements into these questions, let your kids play with the test games and learn knowledge. You could expect your kids to distinguish different colors, shapes, and vehicles and gain knowledge of different animals, jobs, vehicles, countries, plants, fruits & vegetables, and counting numbers.  

All contents are well designed by our professional editors and safe for kids. Now, XYRA Games continues to provide high-quality test games for kids. We always abide by Google's policy in the process of building and displaying content on XYRA Games.  

About our business model, we use advertisements to attract users to our website and earn revenue by integrating and displaying Google Adsense advertisements on the website.

All comments, please send to email: sokida.media@gmail.com Thank you!